Tael Firth

As much as many other bodies of water, except perhaps the Krakennauricht, the Tael Firth is a highway between realms. It connects Rjurik to Anuire. Perhaps the domain that takes best advantage of this waterway is the Stjordvik Traders run by Storm Holtson. Stjordvik Traders has holdings in Svinik (2), Stjordvik (4), Dhoesone (6), Talinie (8), and Boeruine (2). Their boats go as far as Taeghas on occasion. King Fulgar of Rjuvik hopes to develope trade into Anuire, across the Firth, but so far has had no takers outside of troubled Dhoesone, where a trade route links Yvarre and Nolien. Up to now, guilders in Anuire have overlooked trading across the Tael Firth in a sustained way. This is mostlt been to the benefit of Holtson, who has pioneered trade across the Firth.
Fishing is practiced widely on the Tael Firth, and the spring harvests are exceptionally good. The waters are warm for this lattitude, and that moderates the winters of the Taelshore as well as providing types of fish different from the northern Miere Rhuann, the Sea of Storms around the Iron Cape.
The Tael Firth is generally described as the body of water from the cape of Seaport in Talinie to Dantier Island and then to the tip of the Iron Cape where the town of Port Helen straddles the Tael Firth and the open waters of the Sea of Storms.

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