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Aaolfers are an old kind of trader in Rjurik society. Even among the nomadic peoples of the Northlands aaolfers would wander between the tribes trading goods, information, and arranging marriages. Some say they originally wandered with the skalds, who were reluctant to burden themselves with goods, other think that the original aaolfers were skalds. Eventually, the wandering traders would set up trading houses in towns to house goods and to buy and sell as the tribes came into towns. The aaolfers were merchants, they didn't craft goods, own lands, or exploit natural resources.
For some time the aaolfers handled trade in the highlands while the tribes were the ones who collected hides, furs, and meats, and the settled people mined ores to make tools.
Over time, modern guilders have come to dominate the Taelshore, combining trade guilds, craft guilds, and resource guilds. To export craft items, making money on both trade and crafts, greater and greater demands for ores, timbers, and other resources are required. Unlike the old aaolfers, the modern guilder places a burden on the land.

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