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After the collapse of the Anuirean Empire, most Brecht realms turned inward and rebuilt. Few conflicts arose, with the dispute between Kiergard and Massenmarch as a notable exception. While the Anuireans had been seen as an occupying force, they did bring unity, peace, and justice, and the leading states of Brechtür, Danigau, Müden, and Massenmarch, hoped to create a league to resolve disputes and settle matters to the satisfaction of all, establishing a native unity among the Brecht realms. The Free League of Brechtür, or the Brecht League as it was sometimes known, was also charged with defending its member realms and the Krakennauricht from invasion.
The Brecht gained a new confidence and began to look at the possibilities of taming some of the wild lands beyond their borders. Agreements were established with the dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun, and the dwarves of the Western Reaches, who were accepted as full subjects. Slowly, the Brecht pushed south into the forests, encountering a halfling nation, the Burrows, for the first time.
Around 164 MR, a large force was organized to push north of Berhagen, into a land barely peopled, and whose inhabitants were humanoids, barbarians, and animals. Some of the Brecht leaders imagined a Brecht empire. The Vos, however, had other ideas. The Brecht experienced early successes, but got too far inland for their own good. The Vos eventually organized their tribes for war and not only pushed the Brecht back into Berhagen, they continued forward, nearly destroying the capital of Hölstadt. Grevesmühl was likewise threatened, saved only by the timely intervention of the dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun. Eventually, the Royal Marines of Müden drove the Vos out of Berhagen.
League had failed, and no subsequent leader sought to breath new life into it. Its purpose and achievements are tarnished by its failures against the Vos.
Timeline of the League
1651 Ma1136 HC163 MRThe Brecht League is founded. All major realms are represented, though Müden contributes only naval forces.
1652 Ma1137 HC164 MRBrecht "exploration army" moves into "unoccupied" lands to the east. Conflicts with Vos tribes begin.
1655 Ma1140 HC167 MRTsarevic Basil Zariyatam unites the Vos tribes and defeats the Brecht League at the battle of Lake Ladan. Brecht forces flee north and west, strengthening Müden and Grevesmühl.
1655 Ma1140 HC167 MRThe Vos overrun the realm now known as Rzhlev. The forces of Müden drive the Vos out of Berhagen and negotiate an uneasy peace. The dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun help the people of Grevesmühl, and a cautious friendship develops.

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