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All regents rule one or more holdings or provinces that form their domain. These represent the loyalty of large numbers of people, rights, privileges and duties amongst the populace, and so on - or in the case of a source regent a mystical tie to the mebhaighl that permeates Aebrynis. With the exception of source holdings all holdings generate income, measured in Gold Bars and influence measured in Regency Points.
Actions come in the following types:
Action typeDescription
CharacterAn action carried out without reference to the domain at all.
CourtAn action carried out by a regent's minions, allies etc while they are busy elsewhere.
StandardAn action that requires a some of the regent's time and attention for a month. If the regent spends a character action to support the domain action they can add any skill bonus towards determining the action success (and is called a full action).
RealmThis is a standard action that can be also be carried out by the court in a second (third, etc) part of the domain as an ancillary action to the main action. Therefore is the regent rules their guild in one province, their court can also seek to rule guild holdings elsewhere in the regent's domain.
The table below outlines the actions possible at 'realm level', and the costs of such actions.

[top]Domain action summary table

Action nameAction typeSkillGB CostSummary
AdventureCharactern/an/aPersonal quest by regent. expanded description
AgitateRealm/StandardLeadership1The regent tries to raise/lower morale and attitude in the province. expanded description
Ply tradeCharactern/an/aA non-regent plies a trade to earn money. expanded description
BuildCourt1d4n/aA civic building project is started/progressed by 1d4 GB. expanded description
Cast realm spellStandardn/avarA spell-casting regent with the appropriate holdings casts a domain spell. expanded description
CeremonyStandardAdministrate1This action covers various ceremonies such as investiture, coronation, lieutenancy. expanded description
Contest holdingRealm/StandardAdministrate1The regent attempts to destroy the holding of another regent. expanded description
Contest trade routeStandardDiplomacy1The regent attempts to destroy a trade route. expanded description
Create holdingStandardAdministrate1The regent attempts to create a L0 holding in a province where they have no existing holding of the type. expanded description
Create ley lineStandardn/aspecA mage regent can try and create a ley line from one of their sources to either another source, or temporarily to a province in which they have no source. The action costs 1 Gb and 1 RP per province crossed by the ley line. expanded description
Create trade routeStandardDiplomacy1The regent tries to forge a trade route between two guild holdings. expanded description
DecreeCourt1n/aThe court makes an administrative decision, or issues a declaration to the populace/other realms. expanded description
DiplomacyStandardDiplomacy1The regent negotiates with another regent or the populace regarding some intended action. This action can also be used to create an embassy in another regents domain. expanded description
DisbandCourt0n/aA single asset (army, holding, etc) is disbanded/dissolved/disowned. expanded description
EspionageStandardGather Information1This includes spying and various other covert actions intended to determine some secret of the other domain, or gather information about it without being noticed. Espionage can also be used to hide information about the regent's own domain or to establish a spy network. expanded description
FinanceCourt0n/aThe regent converts personal funds into GB for the domain or vice versa. expanded description
Move troopsCourt/Standard0n/aTroops are moved about the regent's domain - or another's. expanded description
Muster/Train troopsCourtvarn/aNew military units are mustered (or mustering is progressed if using the building rules) or existing units are trained. expanded description
Occupy provinceCourtn/an/aThe regent imposes martial law on a province, the military units used act as a law holding, can divert taxes, or be used to pillage existing holdings or the province generally. expanded description
ResearchCharactervarn/aA spell-casting regent can learn a new spell, or create a magic item, any regent can research ancient/modern lore, etc. expanded description
Rule HoldingStandard/RealmAdministrate1The regent attempts to increase the strength of an existing holding. expanded description
Rule ProvinceStandardAdministratevarAt a cost of 1 GB per target province level the regent seeks to increase the level of the province itself. expanded description
TrainingCharactern/an/aThe regent can train to gain a level (if the optional rules are used), work out to boost hit points (likewise), etc. expanded description
TravelCharactern/an/aThe regent can travel a long distance expanded description
Certain House Rule systems add other actions such as raid action

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