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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


An agitate action is where a regent tries to sway the populace of a province towards their ends. Typically either to support or oppose the local ruler. This may mean making people happier, or terrorizing them into submission, or it may mean convincing them to support the regent's actions.
Mechanically the regent attempts to adjust the domain attitude of a province or realm.


Agitate is a catch-all for a wide variety of activities which affect the responsiveness of the general population to the regent, agitate could include:
This includes:
  • making speeches, issuing proclamations, etc to encourage the populace to work harder, or accept the will of the regent,
  • holding festivities, quelling minor disputes, etc to make the populace happier and thus hopefully more productive.
  • eliminating or converting people of influence to encourage the population to follow the regent rather than another
  • holding court to deal with petty disputes that would otherwise lead to unproductive activity.
  • employing 'bandits' to disrupt the orderly activity of the realm
  • holding festivities to make the population feel happier
  • granting minor titles and land to popular persons in recognition of service thus benefiting from the population's love for the person
  • appearing publicly to show the population that they are 'doing something', care about the people, etc.
  • spreading rumors about a second regent
  • attacking allies of a second regent physically, socially or trying to sway the allies away from supporting the other regent.
  • paying bards, town criers, etc to spread a desired message throughout the populace.


Holding level

Some DMs apply domain attitude to regents other than realm rulers on the grounds that whether or not the populace likes and supports a temple, guild or law regent can the holding's ability to carry out plans as much as it does those of a realm ruler. This increases the book-keeping required (since domain attitude can be different in each province for each regent within it). Splitting domain attitude in this fashion inevitably changes the agitate action to apply to a specific regent only.
Agitation allows from -2 to +2 on all actions depending on the view of the populace (i.e. rebellious -2, god = +1).

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