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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


An build action is where the court, or the regent themselves, tries to erect some large structure such as a castle. The action starts the work and then progresses it over the domain turns until the work reaches fruition or the regent decides to stop spending money on it. Without supervision by the court or regent it is likely that costs will increase while productivity reduces.
Build actions tend to be quite 'loud' - everyone in the province will know about the work, indeed many hundreds, if not thousands, may be involved in the creation. As such most neighboring regents will almost certainly know of the effort.


Build is a catch-all for a wide variety of activities which involve building a large structure which will have a lasting impact on the province.
This includes:
  • building a fortification
  • building a wondrous structure
  • building a bridge, road, port or carving a mountain pass
  • building a large structure
  • building a lighthouse
  • building a great wall, digging a province-length dyke, etc.
  • encouraging the growth of particular plants across a province i.e. planting a wood.
  • digging a tunnel, converting a mine structure into a habitable or defensible structure.
  • deepening a river channel, digging a canal or aqueduct
  • terracing a series of hillsides


  • Elves can use this action to grow great plant 'constructions' such as a huge thorny hedge, immensely tangled stand of trees, a great tree tower structure, etc. Elves or Dwarves could also use the action to grow crystalline structures or shape existing structures into works of beauty.
  • The regent can 'take 10' and have the build proceed at 2 GB per court action rather than random progression.
  • The regent can voluntarily limit the expenditure to protect the treasury.
  • Build does not require a court action, but progress is only 1d3 GB per turn - with 1d4 rolled for cost, if the d4 is less than the d3 then the cost equals the progression, if the d4 roll exceeds the d3 then the excess gold is lost to waste and petty theft.
  • The action applies also to the mustering of troops in a province causing large musters to progress slowly.

[top]Adventure ideas

  • Rumors of some huge project in a neighboring realm reach the ears of a ruler, the PCs are tasked with investigating and determining if the neighbor is building a fort of some kind.
  • The old mines dried up centuries ago, but a dwarven surveyor claims that rich veins lie at greater depths and that she can construct pumps to permit mining at such a depth. She just needs someone to search the old mines and ensure that it is safe for the surveyor to start exploratory mining. Her patron, who bought the mining rights for a song is keen for work to start, but others want the project to fail - or at least over-run beyond the terms of the warrant permitting them to petition the count to be granted the rights...
  • The old fort was destroyed decades ago, but increasing border tensions have left the regent looking for somewhere to station troops. The old fort has a good location, but the foundations are uncertain, time has left the walls rubble, and of course, there are terrible stories about what really happened there...

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