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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


Routine travel is not a domain action. However, if a character spends a significant period of the domain turn traveling, then she is incapable of performing other character actions (except, perhaps, adventuring). As a rule of thumb, a character that spends more than one week in travel is not eligible to perform any other character action. Characters that are traveling with a military unit or that are holding themselves ready to form a Heroes unit should also be considered to be engaged in the Travel character action.
Table 5-16: Standard travel rates presents common rates of travel through good terrain and in good weather. These rates assume that travel takes place on clear roads or plains. Terrain modifiers for movement are available in the Player's Handbook. Most communications between regents take place through routine messengers. The frequency of such communications depends, in part, by the travel time between the regent's locations. For example, two realms located 10 provinces apart (1 week travel time) cannot be reasonably expected to carry on communications by messenger that require more than four total exchanges.

Table 5-16: Standard travel rates

Mode of travel

Miles per day

Days per province

Provinces per week


15 ft.


3 1/3


On foot, slow

20 ft.


2 1/2


On foot, fast

30 ft.


1 1/2



40 ft.


1 1/4



50 ft.




Light horse

60 ft.




River boat





Sea vessel





Regents often travel in full entourage. Traveling in entourage costs 0.1 GB x the regent's court level to cover the costs of taking guards, courtiers, and servants along. The normal dangers of the road (wild animals, highwayman, and solitary monsters) aren't likely to confront an entourage of 20 to 40 individuals. On the other hand, large groups of people are both obvious and slow. Regents preferring speed or stealth over safety and comfort are likely to travel with a smaller party.


Travel is a personal action for a regent, if the entire court is relocated then it may also require a court or realm action. Day to day travel does not itself take up an action, and some regents (such as druids who can shape-shift into an eagle and fly, or scions with the travel blood ability) may be able to travel great distances without needing to spend an action.
Travel should generally assumed to be uneventful unless a random event is rolled for the season, the regent is traveling somewhere dangerous such as the depths of Vosgaard or the Shadow World, or the gaming group decide to play out some of the happenings of the travel.
Travel via the Shadow World can be very fast, but very dangerous. Michael Roele famously led his Ghost Legions through the Shadow World to cross Anuire in hours when struggling to regain his throne from his rebellious Dukes, but he is said to have been aided by a Halfling of legendary ability amongst his folk, and aided by all manner of mystical beings - not to mention being heir to the greatest bloodline of all Cerilia.


[top]Court relocation

Sometimes one simply has to move one's court. Some regents may even do so often, perhaps having a summer and a winter location for the court to take advantage of the weather. Most Cerilian domains are however sufficiently small that only one location is ever required. Moving the court is therefore usually done either to be closer to another regent, possibly to share their court and reduce costs, or is required due to war or some other unfortunate event.
Moving the entire court is a significant undertaking for most domains, the court is not merely a physical location, or even several hundred people, it is a vast network of connections from morning milk orders to the layout of postal routes. The court can move at most 10 miles a day in most conditions, and cannot force march due to the number of elderly and so on amongst its number - not to mention its array of property. In general the court is likely to move at most half the distance that an army could in a similar time.

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