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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


A ceremony action is a catch-all term for any public announcement to formalize a change of public interest.


Ceremony actions include:
  • Coronation: This ceremony allows an heir to become formally recognized as regent themselves - typically after the death/retirement of the former regent. The ceremony ensures that the inheritance is legally recognized and often requires potential challengers to present themselves (whosoever challenge this act speak now or forever hold their peace...), ambitious folk who fail to speak out at the ceremony may find future dissent harder politically. The form of the coronation will depend on the culture of the regent and the type of holding. Realm, law and temple holdings will tend towards pomp and pageantry, guilds may hold huge celebrations or act quietly depending on the culture of the guild, source regent coronations rarely involve witnesses beyond a few intimate associates of the regent.

  • Designation: This designates someone as heir to a domain, this may be a very formal event and involve the assumption of titles, legal rights and powers (for example with realm rulers) or be relatively informal (such as when a source regent selects an apprentice and binds them to the mebhaighl of the land). The purpose of designation is to prevent conflict if the regent dies, introduce the heir to their future followers, and from a game mechanic point of view reduces the risk of the land's choice interfering in the transfer of the regent's bloodline and regency pool when the regent dies.

framed|The regent appoints a minion as a lieutenant

  • Divestiture: The regent seeks to usurp the influence of another regent over the second regent's followers. This could involve lawfully removing an intermediate regent (such as a prince taking direct responsibility over a count's minions), swaying loyalty of the followers (such as two competing guild regents vying for control of a towns trade), claiming conquered lands, etc.

  • Lieutenancy: The regent appoints a minion as a lieutenant, with wide-reaching powers over the regent's holdings. A lieutenant can support standard and realm domain actions using their skill bonus just like the regent.

  • Transfer: One regent can transfer one or more holdings or provinces to another regent by this action.

  • Vassalage: One regent pledges loyalty to another and professes submission. This is perhaps most typical with law or province regents, where for example a count may be the vassal of a baron, who may in turn be the vassal of a duke, etc. In Birthright this pledge can be more than simply a matter of titles and rights. However, when such a ceremony is held between blooded regents with the ceremony overseen by a scion temple regent, the ceremony alters the flow of regency. Some of the vassal's regency income is then diverted to the superior regent. This occurs after the usual regency income is calculated - including any adjustments for maximum regency collection due to bloodline.


  • Grand festival: the regent can hold a large pubic festival to gain popularity and influence over their people. This allows a regent to convert GB into RP at a rate of 1:4 - up to a maximum of 1 GB per level of the province.

  • Vassal: Instead of or in addition to the usual regency flow, the superior regent may be able to aggregate their holdings and those of their vassal when determining the success of domain actions, province loyalty, etc.

  • Vassal: The superior regent may have the right to carry out a domain action using the vassal's holdings with an agreed frequency.

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