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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


An adventure action is where a regent goes on a personal quest - much as any non-regent would do so. Whether alone, with a party of like-minded adventurers, or at the head of a small group of minions the regent risks life and limb in an effort to win gold and glory. Most regents win renown as adventurers and heroes before they assume the leadership of a realm or organization. Scions must often establish themselves as powerful and capable individuals if they want to deter challenges to their authority and honor. Such adventuring does not cease once a scion claims a domain; if anything, the need for adventuring increases, for leaving the glory to others can swiftly lead to the undermining of ones reign.
PC regents should adventure often ? with an eye for quests that further not only their own personal concerns, but those of their domain and its allies. Once a regent sweats blood with an ally, fighting back-to-back against a common foe, he knows the mettle of his friends. Adventuring regents also benefit domestically; when a regent personally leads the party that eliminates a band of monsters and saves a town, word gets around. The regent may see an upswing in loyalty and possibly an short-term increase in regency, taxes, or tithes.


Adventure is a catch-all for a wide variety of activities, any action that can be undertaken without the aid of the court can be done via this action.
This includes:
  • attendance at a private ceremony such as a friend's wedding.
  • carousing in a city to celebrate some event.
  • clearing a route through a mountain pass, deep forest or across a desert.
  • delving into some ancient tomb, abandoned tower, etc to recover some relic of pride or power.
  • going roaming in the woods/mountains seeking solace from the tumult of their court.
  • investigating some mystery personally
  • questing to rescue an ally who has become lost, entrapped, etc
  • seeking out some beast that has threatened the domain.



In wilder areas of Cerilia such as parts of the Rjurik Highlands, but particularly Vosgaard, regents are judged not by their ability to oversee others or run an efficient court, but by their personal courage and prowess. In these areas adventure actions often substitute for other action types. Even in more civilized areas espionage and agitate actions are often better undertaken by a regent than by minions of their court.

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