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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic BRCS description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


Mebhaighl flows across Cerilia, it ebbs and surges naturally from place to place. Just as source holdings represent ordered poolings of Mebhaighl that can be tapped by a skilled wizard, so Leylines represent rivers of mebhaighl that flow from one source to another. Without a leyline the maximum level of domain spell that can be cast in a province is limited by the level of the caster's source holding, with a leyline they can tap into a distant (more powerful) source to power stronger magics.


  • A leyline is formed between two sources - generally leading from a high level source to a low level source. A leyline could however be spun from a source without a recipient source, although it would fade shortly afterwards - certainly within a season, perhaps less if used to draw mebhaighl.

  • Leylines can also include hook-ups, allowing provinces along their path to be connected to the leyline, the cost will depend upon the campaign needs.

  • Leylines can run in straight lines, curves, or any other path. Whether or not leylines can cross themselves, or each, is up to the DM - it depends on how literally the 'river' concept is followed.


  • Awnmebhaighl

As it is for mebhaighl, so it is for awnmebhaighl, the seeming of the Shadow World. While these leylines are presumed common in the Shadow World, it is rumored that some awnmebhaighl sources exist in Cerilia, and that leylines of awnmebhaighl then spread the corruption across the land.
  • Caermebhaighl

In some places magic does not merely flow, it roars with life like a mountain flood. The karamhul say that beneath the surface of Cerilia are mighty river of mebhaighl that bring life and change to the lightless caverns. The sidhe say that in the ancient untouched forests mebhaighl rivers run that answer no mortal command. Caermebhaighl leylines form spontaneously, run for a time, and then vanish just as mysteriously as they appeared. While active these leylines can be tapped by the skillful - even those who do not control any source in the province, quite what rituals and powers are needed to tap the leylines in this way are the stuff of legend.

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