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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic BRCS description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


Many holdings represent activities that are bound to go on regardless of whether a regent controls their operations. In this case the difference between a teamster's guild and the teamsters being a part of your organization is whether there is a leader there who can mobilize your organization, so the important part of creating a holding is putting a good leader in place.


Since people are already smelting ore, carting grain, worshiping Haelyn, worshiping Avani, obeying laws, policing the area, what your man has to do is get them to do these things in such a way that they also serve your regent, do his bidding, send him gold bars, and by their loyalty, service, and affection, generate regency points. You are, in effect, sending a man in to take over an existing organization and integrate into your domain.
Another less common case is one where people are not already performing the activities you describe, either because the territory is basically empty, a level 0 or level 1 province, or because the activity you have in mind for a holding is unusual, slavers, Belinik worshipers outside of Vosgaard, or bandits in a well policed area. Here a leader is coming in to start a new organization.


This action could be used to create variant holding types such as hidden holdings, or to create holdings of a sub-domain rather than of the main domain. For example if the White Witch created a guild in Leivika, she might create a holding in the name of the Taelshore Fishers to avoid the holding being openly associated with her - espionage or intrigue might reveal the link but until then the Taelshore Fishers would appear to be led by a local shipmaster.

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