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This action is summarized in Domain action descriptions. This page expands upon the basic description and adds various alternative interpretations and options.


An cast domain spell action is where a regent that controls either a source or temple holding uses the massed magical power of their holding to cast a domain spell - typically a spell which affects all beings within a province, affects one or more military units, or has some similarly epic area of effect.
The domain spell is perhaps the cornerstone of power for a temple or source regent. for a temple regent the spell represents a miracle which proves the power of the faith in a way far beyond any petty mortal spellcasting. For a source holder the spell - even with its often ruinous cost - allows them to do what often no other regent can, and again places the source holder in a tier above a wizard, much as the wizard has power beyond the mere magician.
Sidhe spellcasters are generally reluctant to cast domain spells, fearing that the vast drain of mebhaighl will damage the forests from which it flows. Even so the Sidhe make regular use of realm spells, although generally of less overt sorts.


Cast domain spell has few applications beyond the obvious. More so even than normal magic the action can be used as a catch-all for any sort of mystic action that does not more readily come under an existing action type.
Some DM's may rule that casting a temple spell has some or all of the following effects:
  • requires some service to be held in all major religious sites of the casting faith
  • results in a brief feeling of exultation by all faithful folk nearby.
  • is felt by the sensitive of all faiths in or near the area of effect.
  • may cause surprising results on mortal spells cast at the same time.
  • drains the energy of the faithful to some degree or other.

Some DM's may rule that casting a source spell has some or all of the following effects:
  • Results in poor plant growth throughout the land for a season.
  • Causes frail plants to wither across the province.
  • Causes wild weather, minor earthquakes, etc.
  • Can be felt by all mystically sensitive folk in or near the province.
  • Leaves ley lines to or from the province visible in mists and under moonlight for a few days to a few weeks.




Some areas of Cerilia are particularly close to the Shadow World. It is rumored that some spellcasters have learned to tap the awnmebhaighl of the Shadow World to cast domain spells. it is said that such spells are vastly potent, but often uncontrollable or have unpredictable effects. The only people believed to have cast such spells are the Sidhe of Tuar Annwn, the Sidhe of Tuarhievel (Siebharrinn the Lich), and possibly the Magian of Pipyret.
Awnmebhaighl spells are likely to leave areas of chaos or death depending on the exact part of the Shadow World tapped, and may have strange and terrible effects on undead in the vicinity. Tapping awnmebhaighl is very dangerous and may cause lasting ecological damage - the Battle Fens, the Mistmoor, and Sideath are all believed to be lands twisted by remnants of awnmebhaighl domain spells that remain affected millennia after the magic was wrought.


It is rumored that Torele Anviras of Talinie learned how to tap the mebhaighl not just of plants and other such growing things (or Cerilia itself depending on your interpretation of the source of mebhaighl), but rather both this 'natural' mebhaighl and the vitality of living people. This allows the caster to cast spells as if the province was uninhabited rather than drawing on a source level reduced by the impact of civilization as is usually the case.
While drawing upon this vitality may be natural for divine spellcasters, it is not believed to be so for arcane spellcasters and Vitalism, also known as Diabolry, Blood Magic and the Forbidden Sorcery, is said to have terrible consequences to those drained.
Vitalism is difficult and time consuming, after a years preparation the province generates regency and in all ways acts as its source was unimpeded by civilization for the purposes of a source holding in the province. On the downside the inhabitants of the province other than the source holder effectively learn nothing, forget nothing, and age quickly while they live in the province. Some sages speculate that the dreaded Firosk Slecktra of Vosgaard practices vitalism.

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