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Dhoesone's army is currently very weak, and primarily comprised of foreign units. Historically Dhoesone whelmed a number of archers, scouts, and light infantry. Soon after her ascension Fhiele Dhoesone made a peace treaty with Tie'skar Graecher, King of Thurazor under which she hired goblin warriors. Recent military losses both reduced the strength of the native military and led to the influx of foreign troops.

[top]Current military units

Troops that (nominally at least) answer to the Baroness:
Unit nameUnit typePaymasterCaptainLocation
Nolien's ownIrregularsFhiele DhoesoneRhuimach TaelineNolien
Silent windElf ArchersFhileraeneNiobhe LlyrandorSidhuire
Braethindyr huntersElf archersFhileraeneArdenna TuarlachiemSoniele
Gheallie AvallaighElf CavalryFhileraeneDevlyn TuarlachiemRuidewash
Grofnab's boysGoblin InfantryFhiele DhoesoneGrofnab IronfangTradebhein
The Thunderfoot CoursersKnightsDarien AvanRandall AfrindunnDharilein
The Whitespear ThunderersKnightsLaela FlaertesMalcolm NabhrieneGiant's Fastness
Other troops
Unit nameUnit typePaymasterCaptainLocation
Fist of HaelynElite infantryHaelyn's Bastion of TruthJames ArdanntSonnelind
The Grey BannerPikemenAeric BoeruinePierden BrodigDestroyed
Northbryn WatchScoutsStorm HoltsonunknownDispersed
A number of other warriors from across Anuire have traveled to Dhoesone following the call by the church, however these have not been forged into proper military units and most act as guards for merchants and nobles while looking for military service.

[top]Recent history

After a series of intense goblin raids and to restrain the increasing elven influence in the realm Haelyn's Bastion of Truth called across Anuire for valiant warriors to come and protect the realm. The Western Imperial Temple prevailed upon Duchess of Tuornen, Laela Flaertes to send a unit of Tuornen?s precious knights under the command of Lord Malcom Nabhriene, and sent a second unit of knights drawn from Avanil with the blessing of Prince Darien Avan led by Viscount Randall Afrindunn. The Northern Imperial Temple told the Duke of Boeruine, Aeric Boeruine, of Avanil?s gesture and he sent a unit of Pike under Captain Pierden Brodig. The Orthodox Imperial Temple sent a number of infantry but was unable to gain the approval of the Duke of Diemed, Heirl Diem, to sent veteran troops.
Although nominally all the 'church' troops were supported by and answerable to Haelyn?s Bastion of Truth, the commanders and veterans retained their old allegiances. Rivalry and factionalism was endemic with most troops answering only to their captain. The giants took brutal advantage of this infighting when they attacked, ambushing the native troops defending Giant's Fastness while the knights of Avanil were making reprisal raids against the goblins and then moving to attack the town of Harper?s Point before the garrison could be reinforced. Without the heroic sacrifice of the troops of Boeruine and the bulk of the native army it is doubtful more than a handful of the townsfolk would have escaped.
As the realm now stands Boeruine?s troops are destroyed, Avanil?s knights patrol the northern provinces almost at whim ?defending the realm against raiders?, Tuornen?s knights, more practiced in battling goblins, are generally considered more reliable and the elven troops of Tuarhievel defend the elves of the woods alone with only incidental benefit to Dhoesone barring the direct intervention of the Baroness.


The Dhoesone military is not limited to the force which stands ready all of the time. It can mobilize additional units. The best troops normally stand with the army in peace, rather than let them disappear into civilian life, or take up service elsewhere. However, the Dhoesone military has recently suffered considerable setbacks, and the cream of the crop is collected by the Bastion of Truth into Haelyn's Fist. Lacking a large, native standing force, and the money to support it, the Dhoesone military mobilizes a disproportionate number of low quality troops.
There are four areas of recruitment in Dhoesone. Along the Northbyrn River, recruitment is organized by the Captain of the North, Vertico Dhariel. The Captain of the East, Ingrid Redwolf, organizes recruitment near the Giant Downs. The Captain General of Dhoesone, Rhuimach Taeline, organizes recruitment in the south of the country, including the Baroness' own province, and other fourth area, Sonnelind, which contains a third of all Dhoesoneans.
In addition to the mobilization listed below, 38 units of levies can be raised. Recruiting beyond 5000 men costs double to raise and to maintain.
Most units contain 200 men. Elite units contain only 100. These include knights, huskarls, elite infantry, and Rjurik scouts.


The North, which includes the provinces along the Northbyrn River, is today concerned mostly with the Blood Skull Barony. Good relations with neighboring Stjordvik, and the Moonlight Treaties, remove immediate concerns of any conflict with Stjordvik. In fact, Captain of the North, Vertico Dhariel, and Eorless Arnora Hadrimssdotter of Lofkirdik are first cousins. Both are relentless against the Blood Skull Barony, and come to one another's aid when possible.
The core of the army of the north is the Thunderfoot Coursers, a unit of Knights supported by Darien Avan, Prince of Avanil. Haelyn's Fist, a unit of Elite Infantry in Sonnelind stands ready to come to the aid of the army of the north at a moment's notice. It takes about ten days, or two war moves, to get from Sonnelind to Dharilein, which is only useful if the army of the north has advanced warning, or if the first battle is indecisive. The army of the north may also receive support from Saerskaap and the Warden of the Northern Countries in Stjordvik.
Additional units that can be mobilized in the North include:

These units are swiftly mustered when the Blood Skull Barony attacks, and under most circumstances disbanded after a battle. The Baroness of Dhoeosne doesn't have the money to support these units, when they are maintained from season to season, it is often the local nobles, the Oaken Grove, the Bastion of Truth, or the Stjordvik Traders pay the bills.


The East, including Giant's Fastness, Sidhuire, Soniele, is mostly concerned with the Giant Downs. The army of the east is also heavily augmented by units from Tuarhievel. The core of this force is the Braethindyr hunters and Silent wind, both Elf Archers. Haelyn's Fist, a unit of Elite Infantry in Sonnelind stands ready to come to the aid of the army of the east at a moment's notice. It takes about a week, or a single war move to march from Sonnelind to Giant's Fastness.
Additional units that can be mobilized in the East include:

These units are swiftly mustered after an incident in the Giant Downs that threatens Dhoesone, and under most circumstances disbanded after a battle. The Baroness of Dhoesone doesn't have the money to support these units, when they are maintained from season to season, it is often the local nobles, the Bastion of Truth, Tuarhievel, or the Upper Anuire Traders who pays the bills.


The South, faces no immediate threat. When sustained threats emerge in the North or East, the South mobilizes to aid them. The core of this force is Nolien's Own, Gheallie Avallaigh, and Grofnab's boys.
Additional units that can be mobilized in the South include:


The province of Sonnelind is the heart of Dhoesone and is the Baroness' own province. The substantial troops that can be mobilized here are significantly more loyal to the Baroness than other places. The Baroness, however cannot afford to maintain these troops to assist her imposition of her power against rivals within the realm.
Additional units that can be mobilized in the Sonnelind include:

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