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Saerskaap was once a forested province fed by the waters of the Northbyrn River, but its great fertile soils were gradually converted to farmlands until the jarl and druids agreed that the jarl should protect the remaining bit of forest by force of law.
The previous jarl, Dagmaer Eitilsson outlived his own son, Leif and named his son-in-law, Skjada one-eye, as his successor with the stipulation that it be the heirs of his wife, Bestla Dagmaersdotter who succeed Skjada. Skjada has ruled for many years now, having retired from the Frontier Thunderers after a decade as a hero who held the line against many a charge.
This fertile province grows much grain and also produces a good deal of beer. A traditional brew much beloved by the people is the heffebier although the jarl's own brew, weissbier is growing in popularity.
Every year Skjada holds a festival to welcome the return of the Loddi from their winter lands on Anarire 32nd.
Storm Holtson's Stjordvik Traders believes he controls the trade in Saerskap, but his grip is slipping as his own organization seems to go rogue.
Skjada, like all the jarls of Stjordvik has the right to control the law in his own province, he has begun to suspect that his sheriffs are no longer his men. What he does not suspect is whose directions they now obey.
Olvir Heimirsson is the Godar of Broske, a religious lordship of the Broske district. Krabbi Fjorisson is the lord of Skorpa. Svafnir Hogby is the lord of Hogby. Olvir and Svafnir are druids, and Krabbi is a seer. Only Knute Mikaelsson, the Lord of Gaetland, is a traditional Rjurik noble and warrior.
The Oaken Grove is the temple in Saerskaap, and owns substantial lands there, including the lordship of Broske.

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