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Wizard of Ilien


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The source domain of the Wizard of Ilien is much older than the independence of the County of Ilien

The Wizard of Ilien is known to carry the Staff of the Aglondiers as a symbol of authority.

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Domain Table: Wizard of Ilien
Banien's Deep, Aerenwe (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)RA (3)
HMA (3)
Northvale, Aerenwe (1/6)LS (1)HMA (5)
RA (1)
Shadowgreen, Aerenwe(1/6)LS (1)ETN (1)MA (1)HMA (5)
RA (1)
Westmarch, Aerenwe (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)RA (3)
HMA (3)
Ilien (7/0)RA (7)IHH (4)EH (7)RA (0)
ETN (3)
Abbatuor, Roesone (3/4)MR (1)IHH (2)OT (3)RA (2)
EH (0)HMA (2)
Caercas, Roesone (4/5)MR (2)IHH(3)EH (2)RA (1)
RCS (1)SG (2)
OT (0)
Duerlin, Roesone (3/2)MR (1)IHH (2)EH (3)RA (2)
Alamier, Medoere (4/1)SE (3)RCS (4)EH (2)RA(1)
IHH (0)OT (2)
Abbreviations: RA=Rogr Aglondier (Wizard of Ilien), Count of Ilien; LS=Liliene Swordwraith (Aerenwe);MR=Marlae Roesone (Roesone); SE = Suris Enlien (Medoere); RCS = Ruornil?s Celestial Spell (Suris Enlien); IHH = Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin); ETN=Eastern Temple of Nesirie (Maire Cwllmie); SG=Siele Ghoried (Spider River Traders); EH = el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange); OT = Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); MA=Mourde Alondir; HMA=High Mage Aelies (Wizard of the Erebannien).

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