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The Erebannien is said to be the most beautiful forest in all the lands of the human tribes. Located in the southeast of Anuire the Erebannien lines the coast of Aerenwe, Roesone and Ilien. In Roesone the Erebannien is slowly giving way to logging as the new realm grows, while in Ilien the wood was long ago confined to the east. In Aerenwe however the forest covers leagues without any trace of human habitation - the folk of Aerenwe love their leafy southern provinces and the folk in the wooded provinces live entirely along the coast leaving the wood unmarked by road or field.
For many Anuirean nobles, the survival of the Erebannien is a symbol that they can live without disturbing the land, some say that Roele himself decreed that the woods be spared to prove to the elves that humans could live without despoiling the land. Whatever the origin of the Anuirean abhorrence for harming the Erebannien the wood has gone almost untouched for centuries and as a result is the richest forest in all Anuire in terms of game and lumber, the Queen of Aerenwe carefully regulates the number of hunts and the logging to ensure that the forest is not harmed by its use.
The Erebannien is famous for being home to at least one unicorn, the famed black stags of the Erebannien and for having been the site of the short lived realm of the Lich - a terrible necromancer said to be one of the Lost who arose a century after the Empire fell and tried to carve out a realm with fell sorcery, legions of undead and beasts formed of Shadow.

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