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Arms of HalriedArms of Halried

Halried consists of farmland sprinkled with small forests and hills.

There are two towns of note in Halried, Buiden and the capital, Halrieden.
Halrieden, home to 4,000 people, sits on the fork of the Snake and Fael rivers. It houses some of the most beautiful buildings in Aerenwe, for dwarven architects were hired to construct the town hall and the Count’s palace. Its main industry is tourism, for people come to see the dwarven-made buildings and to hire guides to take them into the Erebannien.
Buiden, on the other hand, is considered the least developed town in the land. Home to 3,000 people, it is still seen as a frontier town. Many merchants and travellers from Roesone and nations further west often stop over at Buiden upon entry into the kingdom. The road heads west to Proudglaive.

Local Authority
The Halried family, lead by the old and wise Countess Lobelia (FA; W2; Rj, minor, 20), rules the province of Halried. They helped design their beautiful estate in Halrieden, which is open to tourists on the first two days of each month.

Places of Interest
Talonar Keep, constructed to protect the land from an invasion through Delaen Gap, can house 1000 soldiers comfortably. It is run by Sir Malver (MA; F7; Rj, minor, 19), who is the Countess’ younger brother.

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