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framed|Arms of Liliene

Female Anuirean Noble 10; CR:10

Queen of Aerenwe

Lineage of Greater Nobility

Major Bloodline of Anduiras, 37

NG Medium Humanoid


Init +0

Languages language

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: , lbs


Italicize feats and abilities followed by a brief description
framed|Liliene Swordwraith

Typical Dialogue:

Liliene Swordwraith is the daughter of Duraend Swordwraith and Savane Halried, and so the niece of the former king, Laurens Swordwraith, whom she deposed. Laurens had become embittered by a series of failures and had turned harsh and even tyrannical. For some time, Laurens was able to hold power despite his failures and pitiless reign because the Swordwraith family is descended from Roele. The provinces of Abbatuor and Bellam successfully rebelled from Laurens and, after a period of banditry and lawlessness, joined the realm of Roesone.
Liliene saw the family condemned by the bad policies of her uncle and her beloved realm injured by these bad policies. To protect both her realm and her dynasty, she spoke out and advocated different policies before the Diet. Her speech was very popular and word of it spread widely. Perceiving the danger, Laurens had Liliene arrested and sent to the dungeon of the fortress in Calrie. The Diet continued to debate the issues raised by Liliene, and Laurens suspended the Diet, and arrested some leaders who advocated deposing him in favor of his niece.
This was the last straw for the people, and they began to take up arms in fear of a general repression by force. Laurens considered putting down agitators by force, but turned away and fled to Diemed. Liliene was acclaimed Queen of Aerenwe.
Having deposed her tyrannical uncle, she brought good government and wise policies to Aerenwe and having done so, she has won the absolute loyalty of her people.

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