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Arms of Banien's DeepArms of Banien's Deep

This Erebannien province of Banien's Deep is protected from the storms that occasionally roll in from the Suidemiere by some hills in the south of the province, near the coast. It is the most hilly and broken part of the forest and it's rarely visited by common folk.

As with much of the Erebannien, Banien’s Deep is unspoiled by human touch. Apart from the two villages in the area, a traveller could walk for days and not encounter another human.
In the southern areas where the ground rises into wooded hills, encounters with monsters are more common. More than one explorer has met an untimely fate at the hands of trolls or griffins.

Banien’s Deep has no formal authority. Rangers and woodsmen patrol the land with the forest’s best interests at heart, and deal with anyone who harms the wood in any way.

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