Warlock is a character class that is defined for D&D 3.5 in the Complete Arcane and for D&D 4e and D&D 5ein the Player's Handbook. Some characters in the BRwiki use one of these versions.

Because only the core D&D 3.5 classes and Birthright-specific classes were considered when writing the BRCS, the warlock has not been redesigned for Birthright. However, since it is a core class for D&D 4e & 5e, any future 4eBRCS or 5eBRCS may include comments relating to this class.

[top]Warlocks in Birthright

Putting a Warlock in Birthright takes some explaining to do. Although the Warlock itself is a class by Rich Baker, explaining where the Warlock gets his or her powers in Birthright is needed for such an unusual class. Here are some options:
  • A Warlock gets his powers from a Vorynn or an Azrai bloodline. If this is the case, then a tainted bloodline is all that is needed. Vorynn was the old God of Magic; and Azrai is the God of Pride. At the DM's option, the player may forego any blood abilities for the Warlock's powers. In effect, a Warlock's powers is the manifestation of his bloodline. This means that the PC's heirs of his bloodline might become warlocks themselves. This is considered the Star Pact aspect of a Warlock's source of his powers.
  • A Warlock gets his powers from a pact with the Fae. The Fairies of Tuarhievel, the Sielwode, and many other Elven domains; or from the Shadow World itself; is the source of the Warlock's power. Hence the Fae pact.
  • A Warlock in Cerilia can get his powers from one of the Undead Powers in the Shadow World, or the Cold Rider himself. Azrai gifted True Magic to the Lost, some of whom may have been Warlocks. Since the undead in the Shadow World are powerful Wizards or Clerics (in the case of Liches and Vampires); they can grant power to a person who is willing to make a pact with them. This pact in Birthright can be known as the Cold Rider's pact.
  • Finally, a Warlock in Cerilia can make a pact with Fiends for power. The planar system in Birthright still includes the Ethereal, Shadow, and Astral Planes, except the only way to get to these planes is through the Shadow World. Fiends are summoned from the Abyss or Baator; and the magic that draws them must draw them through the Shadow World. However, Fiendish pacts are rare, and are only made by the truly desperate or hateful (which for some demons or devils, mating may have to be a condition of the pact). And this is known as the Fiendish Pact.

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