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Djursund Njalgrimsson was the elder son of the great man of his age, Njalgrim Frostisson. Djursund however was not the great adventurer his father had been. He was raised closer to the royal court than to ruins and dungeons, and proved to be an excellent diplomat, administrator, and a competent captain in war. He joined the Frontier Thunderers many times in battle against the Blood Skull Barony. While he was a decent commander, he found Captain Yrsa and gave him command over the great body of spearmen rather than seek to lead them himself.
It was Djursund's brother, Skjada Njalgrimsson, who inherited their father's tremendous and contagious courage. Skjada fought at the front of the Thunderers for many years until he decided to get married and settle down.
Djursund himself married Elka Androsdotter. When Njalgrim fought beside the young eorl, Hadrim Androsson, and they defeated Schuvekko, the Scarlet Baron, Njalgrim encouraged Djursund to make suit for Hadrim's sister in order to tie this champion to his son. Hadrim appreciated the advantages of a kinship between Udvika and Lofkirdik, and so approved the match. Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter as the product of this match has borne out all the hopes of the alliance. She reminds the skalds of her grandfather, Njalgrim, and is a formidable presence in the north country.
Djursund was able to repay the act by arranging the marriage of his brother, Skjada, to the lovely Bestla Dagmaersdotter. When Bestla's brother, Leif Dagmaersson, died fighting the raiders of Rjuvik, Dagmaer Eberhardsson named Skjada as his heir.
Djursund, while still alive, is now too infirm to handle all of the duties of state. As such, he has given over nearly all of the rule of Udvika to his daughter, Hrafnhild. Djursund still has himself brought forward at certain ceremonial times to greet the people.

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