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Hadrim Androsson was Eorl of Lofkirdik
Hadrim began his career in the service of the great man of his age, Njalgrim Frostisson. Njalgrim was Eorl of Udvika when he took young Hadrim in as a karl for his neighbor, Andro Eardwulfsson, the Eorl of Lofkirdik. He trained the young man in the duties of of an Eorl and of a commander of karlar.
Hadrim is most famed for slaying Schuvekko, the Scarlet Baron. While serving as Njalgrim's companion and right hand, during the defense of Udvika, the Scarlet Baron moved on Njalgrim hoping to slay him and deprive Usvika and Stjordvik of its great hero. Hadrim faced off against Schuvekko and prevented him from advancing to the Eorl. Though other men got in some hits and cuts, it is remembered that Hadrim scored more blows than the others combined and that the defeat of Schuvekko was his kill.
After the battle eorl Hadrim discovered that his own injuries were healed at an enormous rate. It had been a rumored trait of the Scarlet Barons that they had the gift of regeneration, as it is said of Thrakkazz today. A druid of the moon, especially devoted to Lirorn, once told Hadrim that such a thing was proof that bloodtheft had taken place and that Hadrim possessed some of their power. Furthermore, he became aware as word spread of his victory over the blood skull armies that his power further increased. The people of Udvika and Lofkirdik regarded him as a savior and true hero.
His mentor, Njalgrim, arranged for his own son to marry Hadrim's sister, Elka Androsdotter. Hadrim himself married Aubrae Dhariel, the sister of Gwenaël Dhariel.

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