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framed|Arms of Skjada

Male Rjurik Noble 5; CR: 5

Eorl of Saerskaap

Lineage Lesser Nobility

Minor Bloodline of Anduiras, 24

NG Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 31/10

Init +0

Languages Rjurik

AC 18, touch 10, flatfooted 16

Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +6

Speed 30 ft unarmored, 20 ft armored

Melee Atk +6 (d8+2 longsword or longspear )

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk +4 ; Grapple +2

Abilities Str 15, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 18

Feats: Leadership, Rank, Title, Education, Combat Reflexes, Warrior's Scream, Hold the Line, Skill Focus (StoryTelling), Track, Iron Will

Skills: Diplomacy +8, Gather Information +5, Intimidation +8, Knowledge (Nobility) +5, Perform (Story Telling) +10, Sense Motive +8, Swim +6, Wilderness Lore +8

Special Qualities: Courage (major)

Description: , lbs

Possessions: masterwork longsword, masterwork large shield, masterwork chain mail, masterwork longspear

Leadership: When Skjada reaches 6th level, he will begin to aquire followers and a cohort.

Rank: Skjada has the right to bear arms, the right to a unique set of arms, the right to dispense justice, attend Varri's court in Hollingholmen, and a trial by his peers.

Title: Skjada is universally recognized as the Eorl of Saerskaap.

Education: Skjada recieves a +5 bonus to Knowledge (Nobility) and Perform (Ettiquette) checks.

Combat Reflexes: Skjada can take a penalty of as much as -4 on his attack roll and add the same number to his Armor Class.

Warrior's Scream:

Hold the Line:

Skill Focus (StoryTelling):


Iron Will:

Skjada NjalgrimssonSkjada Njalgrimsson

Typical Dialogue:

"Hollingholmen is a long way away. Tell His Grace I'm loyal, but weary."

"Away with ye, wife. I'll see no more petitioners today unless they have a tale to tell I haven't heard or a horn of early heffebier."

"By my honor, I'll hear no words against Varri, what a remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain you are, fellow. Get thee from my sight and return to your master."


Skjada Njalgrimsson is the Eorl of Saerskaap.
Skjada was the youngest child of Njalgrim Frostisson, Eorl of Udvika, and so a scion of the House of Udvika. Njalgrim's older son, Djursund Njalgrimsson, was the eorl's heir, so Skjada, a loyal but ambitious Rjurik warrior vowed to earn glory in battle before marrying an eorl's daughter. Skjada's father had him placed in the camp of the commander of the Frontier Thunderers. Captain Yrsa observed how the men were able to resist all fear behind the young noble. Aware of the potential Skjada represented, Yrsa made sure that young Skjada was proficient in the tactics of resisting and repelling a charge. For ten years, Skjada's bold stand and his noble aura sustained the Frontier Thunderers against every charge they faced. When Skjada believed his reputation was a great as it ever would be he asked his brother, Djursun, now eorl of Udvika, to arrange the most advantageous marriage he that he was able. Djursun seccured a match for his brother in the daughter of Dagmaer, eorl of Saerskaap, the lovely Bestla Dagmaersdotter. Dagmaer made Skjada lord of Stradwick, his son Leif Dagmaersson to succeed him as eorl. But when Leif died fighting the raiders of Rjuvik, Dagmaer named Skjada as his heir with the stipulation that it be the heirs of Bestla who succeed Skjada, and that Udvika and Saerskaap not be united as a single domain.
Skjada today is a pleasant and jovial man with a penchant for story-telling. While he may not be a supporter of a strong king, he is no opponant of the throne either, and always lends his law holdings in support of whatever tax the crown imposes. In fact, Skjada is quite savvy politically and has excellent relations with both Dhoesone and the Three Trees Traders. The eorl takes his pious duty as a steward of the land seriously and demands that two seedlings be planted for every tree felled. As he puts it, "one for the future and one for Erik."
Djursun has since retired his office in favor of his daughter, Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter. Unfortunatly, early in Hrafnhild's tenure as eorlless, she made the mistake of trying to conduct relations with her uncle Skjada as his superior, owing to her superior rank in the family (her father was his older brother) and her superior bloodline. Skjada made it clear that he was her elder, and his office of eorl was no less dignified than hers. She has since attempted to repair the relationship with some notable success. Relations, however, are not as warm as they could be between such closely related kin. Still, those who know Skjada know that if ever Hrafnhild needed Skjada, he would risk everything at her side, for he is her uncle.
Skjada and Bestla have two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter, Elke Skjadasdotter, has been married to an Anuirean noble who has since come to live in Stjordvik. Captain Rufus, as Skjada calls him, is a younger son of a noble house in Talinie, and the great, great grandson of Thane Edrand III. Skjada is pleased that he already has two grandchildren,a boy and a girl. Bestla's sister, Saehild married the neighboring Count Richard Bjondrig who has been succeeded by their son, Thjobald Bjondrig, who is presently the Count of Bjondrig. Richard and Saehild's daughter (Skjada's niece), Anna Bjondrig, is married to Eorl Njall Olvisson of Hjorvaal.

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