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Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter is the jarlless of Udvika, having succeeded her father. She is the cousin of neighboring jarlless, Arnora of Lofkirdik. Early in Hrafnhild's tenure as jarlless, she made the mistake of trying to conduct relations with her uncle Skjada as his superior, owing to her superior rank in the family (her father was his older brother) and her superior bloodline. Skjada made it clear that he was her elder, and his office of eorl was no less dignified than hers. She has since attempted to repair the relationship with some notable success. Relations, however, are not as warm as they could be between such closely related kin. Hrafnhild and Arnora remain very close and confer often. They often combine their seasonal festivals as well.
Along the riverbottoms of the Northbyrn River there is good farming, but the bulk of the province is mountainous. Djursundby is guarding a pass in the mountains that connects the interior of the country with the piedmont along the Northbyrn.

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