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Leif Dagmaersson was the only son and named heir of Dagmaer Eitilsson, Eorl of Saerskaap. He married a Rjuvik woman, and they had a daughter, Adelind Leifsdotter. However, Rjuvik was not the happy realm it once was, and had fallen to banditry under Fulgar the Bloodhanded. During one raid by the Rjuvik bandits into Stjordvik, Leif was killed. His daughter and wife remained in the house of his father, Dagmaer. Leif's sisters, Bestla Dagmaersdotter and Saehild of Saerskaap married and had children. Bestla's husband is Skjada Njalgrimsson, Eorl of Saerskaap. Saehild's son is now Count of Bjondrig. Adelind, Leif's daughter is now a marriageable girl in Skjada's household.

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