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The Frontier Thunderers is a unit of Rjurik spear carrying infantry in Stjordvik. Because of the problems of weakening centralization in the realm, units are partially supported by provincial authorities, including guild and temple money. The units are becomming connected to the provinces where they serve, not only because of their patronage, but because subjects with a history with the unit remain nearby and able to serve when trouble comes calling. The Frontier Thunderers is based in Udvika. Many hardy subjects of Udvika have served with the Frontier Thunderers in the past, and join her again when the Blood Skulls attack.

[top]Frontier Thunderers Affiliation

The Frontier Thunderers can be an affiliation in your campaign.

Symbol: '''

Background, Goals, and Dreams:

Enemies and Allies: Any military units of the Blood Skull Barony are hated enemies, and the Blood Skull Barony is an enemy realm.


Type: Fighting Company

Scale:8 province of Udvika

Affiliation Score Criteria: The Frontier Thunderers seek recruits who will defend Stjordvik from all enemies.
CriterionAffiliation Score
Character Level+1/2 PC's level
Fighter or Warrior+1
Weapon Focus (Spear) feat+2
Phalanx Fighting feat+2
Base attack bonus +5 or higher+1
Fights in a major battle with the Frontier Thunderers+4
Titles, Benefits, Duties: Advancing among the Frontier Thunderers involves the possibility of military ranks.
Affiliation ScoreTitle: Benedits and Duties
3 or lowerNo affiliation
4-10Irregular: You fight along side the Frontier Thunderers as irregulars throwing spears and using bows to assist the main force..
11-19Regular: You fight in the main body in close order. Recieve the Steadfast Resolve teamwork benefit. This provides a +2 circumstance bonus against fear effects.
20-29Veteran: Recieve the Hold the Line feat when five affiliates of the Frontier Thunderers form a line. Blood Skullers loath you, they strike with hate, +1 on damage rolls against you.
30 or higherElite: +1 to your commander rating.
Executive Powers: War, Raid, Plunder

Using the Frontier Thunderers in your campaign

The Frontier Thunderers is an company in the army of Stjordvik. While its primary duties place it on the border with the Blood Skull Barony, they are expert spearmen and specially trained to recieve a charge. If any enemy threatened Stjordvik with mounted troops, there would be an effort to put another unit on the border with the Blood Skulls and have the Thunderers join the main army.
Capital: 6 Violence: +4 Espionage: +2 Negotiation: +2
Lore: Characters with Gather Information or Profession (Soldier) can reserach the Frontier Thunderers to learn more about them. When a character suceeds on a skill check, the following information is revealed, including the information from lower DC's.
DC 10: The Frontier Thunderers fight the Blood Skull Barony on the borders of Stjordvik.

DC 15: The Frontier Thunderers are skilled as resisting charges.

DC 20: The Frontier Thunderers are resistant to fear.

DC 30: The Frontier Thunderers used to be a company of irregulars before Captain Yrsa reorganized the unit with the help of Skjada One-Eye.

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