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The great man of his age, Njalgrim Frostisson, adventured in his youth, discovered the Ravenscloak, found the sword Hrotti iron-biter, and was fighting alongside Hadrim Androsson when Hadrim slew Schuvekko, the Scarlet Baron. He later succeeded his father as eorl of Udvika. He was later succeeded by his older son, Djursund Njalgrimsson, and more recently by Djursund's daughter, Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter.
He was lucky enough as a boy to be squired in the king's household, and raised near to the prince, Snorri Snidilsson. They became fast friends, and occasional adventuring companions. Snorri and Njalgrim were fierce, determined warriors, and their combats side by side remain the stuff of song throughout the Taelshore. Njalgrim also campaigned with Gauk Sotisson, ranger and archer of Hollenvik, whose bow and devotion to Erik are themselves things of legend and song. Not to be forgotten is Njalgrim's most reliable companion, Haakon Ylvarrik, whose axe cut down more orogs than numbers can count. This was a golden age in Stjordvik.
As these men grew and assumed the offices of their fathers, they traveled off into the wild places less often and were more often in combat against armies than against monsters. However the wars exhausted the treasury of the realm, and Snorri, though a mighty soldier, was no statesman and his wars made for him many enemies. Yet, as long as Haakon was able to bring his marvelous axemen, Njalgrim his invincible spearmen, and Gauk his famed archers, victory was always at the end of the campaign.
Njalgrim's sister, Kostbera Frostisdotter, married his companion, Gauk. Njalgrim married the princess Halldora Snidilsdotter, sister of Queen Ljorrah. Njalgrim squired the prince, Varri Haraldsson, as well as other notable young men, such as Hadrim Androsson. Njalgrim's own son, Djursund Njalgrimsson, was raised closer to the royal court than to ruins and dungeons, and proved to be an excellent diplomat, administrator, and a competent captain in war. Djursund still lives, though he is quite venerable and has given over nearly all of the rule of Udvika to his daughter, Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter. Djursund still has himself brought forward at certain ceremonial times to greet the people. Njalgrim's younger son, Skjada Njalgrimsson is also past his prime, though he still rules his province. Like his father, his courage is palpable and has a tremendous effect on those near him. When he was young he and his spearmen were reputed to be as invincible as Njalgrim's spearmen had been, though no one ever suggested that Skjada was the warrior Njalgrim had been. Like his brother, Skjada did very little adventuring. Owing to the great reputation of Njalgrim, Skjada was able to marry an eorl's daughter, and chance made him Eorl of Saerskaap.
People to this day look to Njalgrim to come riding over the hills when danger threatens, but the days of glory and greatness have past. There are great men in Stjordvik today, but none so great as Njalgrim. At least not yet.

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