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RahÝl the Falcon is the loyal court mage of Ariya. He controls all the sources in that realm.

[top]The Land

thumb|Ariya's underground refuges|left
Each sources in Ariya consists of a series of linked subterranean spaces that may provide a defensive refuge, a place for living, and storage for the people to be occupied in times of danger. Whole communities retreat into these "underground cities" along with their livestock.
Early worshipers of Avani would avoid persecution by the old temples in these refuges carved by underground rivers eroding the limestone or dolomite. Magicians and wizards of the time developed ways of drawing Mebhaighl from the plains above and manifesting them in these caves so that they would not be discovered by hostile forces.
When the temple of Avani became the dominant temple, and Ariya a powerful state, the people stopped using these caves as refuges and their location and extant have been ignored by all except the Court Mages of Ariya, whose use of these sources continues to this day. Today, RahÝl the Falcon believes he is the only one that knows the proper location and extent of the underground cities. He has forged ley lines to tap their power without visiting them.
Bandits and other scoundrels occasionally use the few first chambers as places to hide from the law or hide their stolen goods. RahÝl uses illusionary cave walls and wards to keep bandits from attempting to penetrate father into the caves. However, a greater threat exists. The constant darkness and the high magical energy of the sources make the Evanescence weak and permeable to the creatures of the Shadow World. Typically the only creatures that cross over are mindless undead. Such undead walkers from that strange dark land occasionally shamble into caves corrupting the sources there with Awnmebhaighl. As such, RahÝl patrols these underground places much more than he would like to, perhaps every season or so.



The Court Mage of Ariya is allied to the Amir of Ariya. While the Court Mage has his own allies and rivalries, he endeavors not to allow them to compromise the realm of Ariya.

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Court Mage of Ariya
Ariya, Ariya (7/0)GFA (4)GFA (5)GCC (3)Rh (0)
TAn (2)BK (2)
GFA (1)
Assarif, Ariya (1/4)UaT (1)CK (1)BK (1)Rh (1)
AzÚdas, Ariya (1/4)UaT (1)TAn (1)GCC (1)Rh (1)
Djef el-Kadir, Ariya (1/4)YaH (1)-BK (1)Rh (4)
Kfeira, Ariya (3/4)GFA (2)ATA (2)GCC (2)Rh (4)
Kouzir, Ariya (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)GCC (1)Rh (3)
Tegher, Ariya (2/3)GFA (1)ATA (1)BK (2)Rh (3)
BarsÚrat, Shoufal (1/5)YaH (1)CK (1)BK (1)Rh (5)

Abbreviations: GFA=Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi (Ariya); YaH=Yazid al-Hakam (Shoufal); UaT=Umar al-Thaqafi (Adaba); ATA=Ariyan Temple of Avani (Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi); CK=Chosen of Kirdai (Taril Herad); TAn=Temple of the Ancients (Jasmina el-Mesir); ZMG=Zha´nge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); BK=Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); GCC=Gold Coast Coster (Omadi the Quick); Rh=RahÝl the Falcon; AR=Adara bint Reshoud.

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