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Sultanate of Shoufal


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Absolutist Monarchy

GB Income
10 GB
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13 RP


The Sultanate of Shoufal is a city-state controlled by the Red Kings of Aftane. Yazid al-Hakam is the Sultan of Shoufal and rules here.


[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land






Shoufal used to be part of Ariya. Five centuries ago, Aftane inflicted a total defeat on Ariya and was able to annex Shoufal. Ariya has sought to reclaim this ancient territory, but has been unable to maintain it for very long.


The several geirhou of Shoufal would profit from a return to Ariyan governance. The wizardess Adara is an outspoken advocate of this idea.

[top]Important Figures

[top]The Red Kings

Ghada al-Du?ali, Sultan of Aftane

Umar al-Thaqafi, Sultan of Adaba

Yazid al-Hakam, Sultan of Shoufal

Turiye min Saida, Sultan, and Guildermaster of the Brotherhood of Khet

Taril Herad, Sultan, and Hierarch of the Chosen of Kirdai

Bedoureg, Sultan, and Wizard of Ber Tarva

Arlando el-Adaba, Sultan, and the Red Herald

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Shoufal (sultanate)
Barsérat (1/5)YaH (1)CK (1)BK (1)Rh (5)
Jeifel (1/4)YaH (1)CK (0)-AR (3)
Seidre (1/4)YaH (1)CK (1)BK (1)AR (2)
Shoufal (5/0)YaH (2)CK (3)BK (4)AR (0)
Djef el-Kadir, Ariya (1/4)YaH (1)-BK (1)Rh (4)
Abbreviations: YaH= Yazid al-Hakam (Shoufal); CK=Chosen of Kirdai (Taril Herad); BK=Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); Rh=Rahíl the Falcon; AR=Adara bint Reshoud.

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