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Origins of Awnmebhaighl
Awnmebhaighl was released from the Shadow World during the cataclysm at Deismaar. The release of the godly energy during the death of the old gods ripped the fabric of magic as easily as it tore the earth and sea. It reached across the veil into the Shadow World creating a weakness between the worlds that allows awnmebhaighl to seep into Cerilia. Over the passing centuries, it has become omnipresent like its counterpart, mebhaighl; few ever discover it though as awnmebhaighl is not natural to the world and blooded arcane spell-casters do not sense its pull like they do with mebhaighl.
Awnmebhaighl does not pool in the real world like mebhaighl does. It is too new to the world but perhaps as the millennia pass it will begin to do so. Since it doesn?t gather into sources (except if rumors are true in parts of Aduria and places like the Battle Fens where the boundaries between the worlds are thin) it cannot be used to create realm magic. There are those adepts who say that on the Eve of the Dead sources near a place where the veil is thin can be corrupted and turned into an awnmebhaighl source. If this can be done, it is further suspected that this dark magic source will provide a permanent anchor in the shadow world. All manner of shadow denizens could cross over into the real world through these sites.
In order to become sensitive to it, an arcane spell user must be exposed to the Shadow World for extended periods of time. Additionally, the arcane spell user must have used necromantic or illusory magic while in the Shadow World. It is usually discovered because those spells are enhanced by the awnmebhaighl of the Shadow World. Once discovered, the arcane spell caster becomes sensitive to it and can tap into it just like mebhaighl. However, using awnmebhaighl does affect the wizard?s ability to use mebhaighl for casting true magic. Any spell that is not necromantic, illusory, or using darkness or shadow is less effective for an awnmebhaighl user. They are easier to over come but conversely spells powered by awnmebhaighl or more powerful and harder to resist by mebhaighl users. Spells involving light simply cannot be cast, as awnmebhaighl cannot create light. Wizards that use the dark magic gain other powers as well as they delve deeper into the awnmebhaighl?s influence.
So far using awnmebhaighl does not appear to enhance or weaken the use of realm spells. It is believed that the concentration of mebhaighl in a source?s raw power simply overcomes the awnmebhaighl?s debilitating affects. Thus awnmebhaighl users can cast realm spells without any obvious ill effect.
Awnmebhaighl does pool into sources in the Shadow World. They are rarely used for activities in the real world, as it is not practical. Tapping into the sources in the shadow world is highly dangerous as it attracts the attention of its most powerful inhabitants, the Lost, who constantly seek to return to Cerilia.
Awnmebhaighl is like poison to elves and half-elves. Its presence is not harmful to them but using it is very debilitating. An elf that uses awnmebhaighl risks his immortal soul. If for some reason an elf attunes to awnmebhaighl he begins loosing his affinity for nature and becomes disconnected from the land. His very nature is altered and he loses all his ?elven? characteristics. If he persists he begins to age and die at a rapid rate as awnmebhaighl siphons his very essence into the shadow world. Elves that die in such a manner are believed to become a warped form of unseelie in the shadow world. Half-Elves are affected similarly losing all ?elven? characteristics but because of their part human nature they suffer no further damage.

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