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[top]Building Monuments


Like a Holding, Monuments may be built up to the current Province level, but a Monument must have its level set when it is first planned. A Regent can not rule up a Monument once it is finished, and the Province (or possibly the entire country) does not gain any bonus from the Monument until it is completed.
When a Regent decides to build a Monument he must work with the DM in picking its form (tomb, lighthouse, library, temple, etc.), and what its effect will be (doubled Trade Routes, increased Loyalty, improved Diplomacy, improved Units, etc.). Once that is done, the level is determined by the DM.
The level should be equivalent to the effect the Monument is going to have (DM's discretion). The Player then picks an appropriate Province that he/she has a level 1 or better Holding in. *Note:* It also costs the Regent a Build Action to start the Planning and Construction of a Monument. For each level of the Monument it takes 1 DT to plan, hire the workers (or gather slaves), gather the resources, etc. The planning Regent must spend 1 RP per level of the Monument, and 1 GB per level of the Monument until the Planning Phase is complete.
For example, a Regent wants to make a gigantic fountain made of silver dedicated to the goddess Nesirie. With it the Priest Regent wants to gain a free Realm Spell Action every other domain turn. The DM decides this Monument will have to be level 5. The Player agrees and picks a level 6 province to build it in. For the first 5 DTs the Regent must "Plan" and this costs him/her 5 RPs and 5 GBs per DT (coming to a total of 25 RPs and 25 GBs). Once the Planning Phase is completed the actual construction can begin.


Construction of a Monument is very time consuming (and can eat up quite a bit of gold too). While a Monument doesn't become effective until it is completed it is still built in levels. Each level takes as many DTs to build as the Monument's eventual final level. And each DT the Regent must pay out RPs and GBs equal to its final level. Using the above example, it would take 5 DTs to construct each level of the Monument until it was finished. For a total of 25 DTs (or 6.25 years). Each DT would cost the Regent 5 RPs, and 5 GBs. For a grand total of 125 RPs and 125 GBs.
Alternate: Kind DM's who have several different grades of monument may allow lesser effects as lower levels are completed, and allow expansion - so the palace can become the imperial center and the like.
Don't let the numbers stun you. A Monument's level is directly related to its effect. The same Monument described above could have been made faster, and cheaper if the Regent had lessened its effect (because the DM would have given it a lower level). Of course some Monuments would still be costly and take a long time to build if the actual Monument was a complicated structure (like the Hanging Gardens). Again this is up to the DM.


After completion a Monument requires 1 GB per DT to maintain it. At the end of any DT that the Monument is not maintained the DM should roll 1d10 if the DM rolls over the Monuments level it degrades a level (losing any bonus it gave). For each consecutive DT that it is not maintained a +1 should be added to the die roll (+1 after 2 DTs, +2 after 3 DTs, etc.) If a Monument reaches 0 it becomes ruins. Until then it can be repaired by paying GBs and RPs equal to its normal level every DT until it reaches its maximum again. A Monument can be repaired 1 level per DT. Others can also Contest a Monument just like a Holding. After 2 successful Contests a Monument is reduced to ruins. Once made into Ruins the entire Construction Phase must be repeated in order to regain the Monument.

[top]Sample Monuments

Colossal Statue - A gigantic statue of some great historical figure is erected just outside the main entrance to a Province's major city. The Monument doubles the number of Trade Routes the Province can support. Level 5
Alternative: Adds 1 sea trade route to the province only - Level 3.
Great College - A massive place of learning and repository of knowledge from all over Cerilia. The College grants a free Research Action every DT, and gives +5 to all Espionage Actions. Level 10
Great Wall - This huge fortification must be built in a province that borders an "enemy" nation. All friendly Units in the Province get their Defense strength doubled. Level 8
Alternative: Adds 1 to defense, +5 DC to raid action: Level 4
Hanging Gardens - This is a tiered building that has large flowering gardens growing on each level. The gardens are kept alive through a complex series of aqueducts and waterwheels. The loyalty of the Province this Monument is in becomes High and can not be lowered by Agitation. Level 6
Alternate: Bonus of 5 to attempts to raise morale: Level 3
Great Workshop - This is an enclave designed for inventors, craftsmen, and artisans. The Build cost for anything in the Regent's country is reduced by 25%. Level 5
Great Lighthouse - This is a massive tower built in a Province that borders an ocean. At its top a roaring bonfire (magical light) is maintained with its light reflected out into the sea by a large mirror. All ships traveling *to* the province gain a +1 to their Move, and all over water Trade Routes connected to the province earn 50% more GBs per DT. Level 4
Oracle - This structure houses an order of Monks, Priests, or Mages who spend their time in divinatory pursuits. A mage regent building this monument can cast 1 free Scry Realm Spell per DT. Level 5
Grand Tomb - This is a large burial structure either for the Regent or some great figure from history. This Monument grants +10 to all Agitate Actions the Regent makes. Level 7
Great Shipyard - these glorious yards allow construction of vessels two levels higher than is normal of the province. I.e. a L4 province can build ships normally only possible to build in a L6 province. Level 2
Great Theatre - This is an entertainment mecca. Bards and troupes of actors perform nightly here, putting on some of the grandest shows in Cerilia. The province that this monument is built in can not be made Rebellious. Level 4
War Academy - A military training ground designed to rear officers and specialized soldiers, using battle tactics from all over Cerilia. All Units made in this Provence gain a +1 to their Attack, and +1 to their Defense. Level 6
Grand Cathedral - This large holy edifice is a center of worship for an entire religion. It can be a church, or some other huge symbolic construction. This monument grants priest regents 1 free Realm Spell every other DT. Level 5
Alternate: All domain spells cast in the province have the RP cost reduced by 25% to a maximum of -5 RP. Level: 1
Labyrinth - A sinister underground maze used to train Spies and Assassins. Once built this notorious structure will make many nervous about their dealings with its master. This monument grants +10 to all Espionage Actions. Level 7
Halls of Justice - This Monument is a huge court, and university of law. "Enemies" suffer a -10% penalty to any attempt to agitate down a province that has a law holding controlled by the Regent owning this Monument. Level 7

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