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Holn's Companionship is an ideology that supports cooperation between followers, clerics, and temples of Haelyn and Erik. In its most summary form, it argues that differences between the two faiths are almost superficial compared to their compatibility and their need to work together against common enemies. The principles of this doctrine hold that Haelyn's compassion for people calls for care to be taken for the land which sustains them, while Erik calls on us to protect the land which in turn will provide a bounty for men. Advocates ask, which should come first? Both seem to argue that man should protect nature because its in man's interest.

There are two directions to approach the companionship, from Erik's temples in Rjurik and other places, alliance with Haelyn's faith is an understanding of Haelyn's stewardship and compassion and willingness to restrain abuses of nature with law. On the other hand, Haelynite society sometimes find in Erik's druids a happy acceptance of the social order when that order does its duty to protect nature. Haelyn's long struggle against Belinik and Erik's against Kriesha were sometimes seen as parallel struggles, but cooperation was rare between the sects of Erik and Haelyn. With the rise of Sera's influence in the Rjurik guilds and even more profoundly in Anuire, it has become more evident that the interests of some priests of Haelyn and Erik were very similar.

How profound is Holn's Companionship? It could be as rare as a few eccentric priests, or it could be a widespread approach. That depends on the campaign.

[top]Noted Advocates

Siobhie Riedhie is Talinie's most important advocate of the movement and almost merges the two faiths into one commitment to compassion for all living things according to their individual needs.

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