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The temples of Avani are strongest among the Khinasi people. The Khinasi see Avani as the leader of the gods. Either directly as head of the pantheon, ignoring Haelyn's portfolio of rulership and demoting him to simply a god of noble war, or because while acknowledging Haelyn as king, they regard him as a figurehead, in which the Vizier actually rules for the Sultan. Avani is also the patron of the Khinasi people, so even when Haelyn is acknowledged a kingly figure, no one cares more for the fate of the Khinasi than Avani. Even within the Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn, Avani is seen as the helpful Vizier and patron of the Khinasi people, and holds a very elevated place by Haelyn's side.
In other lands, Avani is worshiped for one or more of her three portfolios: sun, reason, or magic.
In Vosgaard she is understood as a the goddess of the sun, weakness, and decadence, as well as a great enemy of Kriesha. Where winter rules, reason is not valued, and magic is disdained Avani is a despised power. Among a few nona Vos, Avani is the very embodiment of modernity and progress.
Elsewhere, the temples of Avani are generally regarded as welcome and worthy, although some rival temples may have issues with some teachings. The association of the light of the sun and reason is so strong that many languages have phrases that associated light with understanding. Scholars, philosophers, and many arcane spellcasters regard Avani as their patron.
While wisdom is valued in temples of Avani, one can discern a dichotomy between the value of wisdom in temples of Haelyn and the value of intelligence in the temple of Avani. Both are united in regarding transcendental spheres of human action as the most important.
In many ways, the temples of Haelyn and Avani occupy similar niches, in terms of alignment, as sources of law, and a concern with transcendental issues. This will tend to make them close friends or dire enemies, depending on circumstances. In Khinasi the dominance of Avani is clear, and likewise in Anuire Haelyn holds sway. The rivalry between these faiths can be greatest where neither clearly holds sway.

As sun goddess, these precepts are very ancient and universal:
  • Avani is the sun, and she shines her divine radiance upon the world every day, protecting all people from the encroachments of Shadow and darkness.
  • Her light brings food to the tables of her people, for crops need both rain and sun to prosper.
  • Her warmth enfolds her people; she chases away the storms that destroy well-being.
  • She touches her followers with her blessing every day, for each ray of the sun carries her divine benediction.

As goddess of reason and magic, these precepts apply to those who seek after knowledge:
  • All knowledge should be gathered, be it empirical, experimental, conjectural, practical, or theoretical.
  • Knowledge is the light by which darkness is held at bay.
  • Knowledge, like fire, is both useful and dangerous; we must protect against those that would abuse knowledge.
  • Access to dangerous knowledge must be earned through demonstrated determination, discipline, and self-control.
  • Strive to seek wisdom and understanding, for knowledge is the root of all lasting power.

Other questions are the subject of conflicting doctrines. These disputes go to the very nature of Avani. Some claim she is the direct successor of Basaïa with precisely her powers and responsibilities, carrying forward as Basaïa would, others argue that while Avani is a successor to Basaïa, she is less elemental and more accessible as a personal deity owing to her time as a human being, still others claim that the new gods inherited at least some of their divine essence from all of the gods and that despite some similarities between Basaïa and Avani, Avani is a new goddess with similar powers and designs. These conflicting doctrines touch not only on the nature of Avani's divinity, but on interpretation of the precepts mentioned above, other teachings, and on relations with other faiths.
Avani is the wife of Erik and the mother of Laerme.

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