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The Berhagen School or doctrine teaches that Sera is concerned with the Material, and that her husband Ruornil is concerned with the Natural aspects of life. While this school proposes a duality of material and natural, it also proposes an essential connection between them, the Unity. Fulfillment of any desired end in one sphere requires attention and consideration of the other sphere.
While this doctrine is not widespread, this is the doctrine of Fortune's Forethought. The school teaches that wealth cannot be obtained through the wanton destruction of resources, and so teaches moderate use of powerful resources. As a result, they encourage the guilders of Berhagen to take what they need from the land and not to despoil the wilderness. Sera's clerics of this school teach that wealth can be gained by reference to a symbol common in Sera's teaching of Luck, the wheel. In this other application of the metaphor, there is a cycle of production from natural objects to artifice and back again, so that attention to both sides of the duality is required to reach higher states of understanding about either aspect. One of the important consequences of this doctrine is that natural resources are understood in the same light as a pool of capital. So that undermining the natural foundations of material prosperity is understood to threaten prosperity. Most other interpretations of the Material and the Natural understand these forces in opposition.
It is common in temples of Erik and Ruornil for this doctrine to be embraced. Within the temples of those gods of Nature, this doctrine is so common as to not even be named. This situation prevails in the Oaken Grove and nearly all temples of Ruornil. But as it holds a distinct minority position in the temples of Sera, it is known as the Berhagen School because it is advanced by the temple Fortune's Forethought in Berhagen.
Among temples of Erik where Material and Natural spheres are held in opposition, the Natural is held to be dominant over the material. This results in a hostility to guilds and opposition to the temples of Sera. This view is dominant in the Emerald Spiral.

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