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Parthenae Doctrine · Berhagen school
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The Parthenae Doctrine refer to the teachings of Onwen Nichaleir, the founder of the Western Imperial Temple.
The Parthenae Doctrine argues against strict interpretations and close textual readings of the Book of Laws, and favored a more spiritual temple in which a scholarly explication of the text is not as important as a good understanding of the meaning of the text. This doctrine also supposes that this understanding was accessible to anyone. With a little prayer and compassion, Haelyn's will can be understood and right action performed without the need for complex rituals, debates, and endless consultations with priests. Living the good life and achieving right conduct is more a question of wanting to do right than it was a question of strict obedience as the Orthodox Principles argue, or strict discipline as the Principles of Fitzalan argue.
The Parthenae Doctrine is a criticism of the Orthodox Principles and the Principles of Fitzalan.

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