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[top]Danig's Search (realm spell)


You can find the exotic components used to cast realm spells or to create, contest or rule source holdings easily in your domain for the duration of the spell, although the spell does not aid in their collection. Casting this spell locates components that would normally cost 1 GB or more worth of gold.


Similar in effect to alchemy, this spell is more focused and potentially more useful to source regents concerned about their realm's economy or starting out without funding. The wizard gains a heightened ability to locate the rare herbs, minerals, etc required to cast realm spells or create/contest/rule source holdings for a month. As long as appropriate materials exist within the province then the regent can locate the components needed to cast a realm spell or other spell. Up to 1 GB worth of such components can be found for every 4 RP spent, up to a maximum of 1 GB per level of the source controlled by the wizard above level 1, the cost is increased by 4RP to reflect the need for the wizard to first attune themselves to the source.
Example: In a province where the wizard has a source holding of 7, he could find (7-1=)6 GB worth of components at a cost of (6*4+4=)28 RP.
  • The components are specific to each proposed realm spell or for the use in source actions, and typically cannot be stored for more than 6 months.
  • The spell will not lead the wizard to components that are ?claimed? by someone whose rights would respected by the wizard. For example the spell will not lead the wizard back to their component chest or the local baron?s treasury; however they may be claimed by monsters, on someone?s property, etc. The local baroness may not value the strange fungi growing on trees near his hunting lodge; however she may require a small service in return for permission to harvest them.
  • Just because the regent gains a vision of the components and knows roughly where they are doesn?t mean that they can just pick them up, minerals may need to be chiseled from a rock face, arcane fungi picked from an enchanted dell, etc. If the regent is searching for a large number of components they may not be able to travel fast enough to gather them without aid before the spell expires, similarly such components are often valuable and guarded.



Count Friedrich, son of the legendary Wulf developed this spell early in his reign. Friedrich was concerned about the cost of the rare components needed to power the spells first discovered by his father. Although in most locations this spell has been superseded by the more common alchemy spell, the Counts of Danigau have long distrusted the latter spell?s economic impact.


The spell should be used in a similar fashion to the alchemy realm spell ? it is an alternate version.

[top]Tips and Tactics

The spell is useful where the Wizard would not want to convert lead to gold via the alchemy realm spell and then buy components ? it is a far more subtle magic. It does however require much more effort, and may not be able to locate certain components in desolate areas (at the DM's discretion). The spell also allows an impoverished wizard to gain the means to start up a realm using RP only avoiding the need to constantly save a GB to cast alchemy - albeit at the same overall cost.

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