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The Danig Arm is a system of fjords along the Krakennauricht. A notable exception to the frozen winter fjords, the Danig Arm is warmed by hydrothermal vents. The volcanism so common in the mountains along the western lands of the Krakennauricht extends into the sea here. As a result of the heated water released here, the Danig Arm never freezes. Even so the waters of the Krakennauricht still prevent long voyages three to four months out of the year.
Because the sea never freezes over in the Danig Arm, fishing occurs all year around. Maritime trade is often blocked in the winter months by ice-sheets in the Krakennauricht or treacherous ice floes drifting from the north, to the particular regret of the Burgundy Slepsid, which trades with the northern realms.
The Danig Arm provides particularly rich fishing grounds significantly different from other great fjords in the Krakennauricht. The warmer waters and the chemicals dissolved in the vent fluids create a much richer ecosystem for sea life. Varieties of life in this water are larger, more plentiful, and more diverse than other waters of the Krakennauricht. Only the Mueller Estuary offers such rich sea life elsewhere in the Great Bay.

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