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Ailbhie Isilviere was the Countess of Bayside in her own right, as the head of a cadet branch of the Isilviere family. She married Albert Khorien when he was still heir designate, and she the heiress of Bayside.
They had two sons and three daughters. Alfred Khorien succeeded as Count of Taeghas. Roger Khorien succeeded to his mother's title and was Count of Bayside. Their daughters were Aithne Khorien, Ailbhie Khorien, and Niamh Khorien.
Like many in the Isilviere family, she was fond of sailing and racing boats. Her sloop the Magestic Bayside was a particular favorite of hers. She owned several merchant vessels that were licensed by the Taeghan Outfitters.

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