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Arms of RhumannenArms of Rhumannen

Laying close to the Spiderfell, Rhumannen is one of the most raid-plagued provinces. The Mhor of Mhoried has always managed to maintain a notable amount of influence throughout the province and strengthened it over time. The Mhor has nearly the same influence as does Gavin Tael, a fact the baron is constantly trying to change. Most people of Rhumannen make their living from agriculture and cattle-breeding, but the only large city is the mining city of Bhrier. The current count of Rhumannen is the honored commoner Rheghor Saerel (MA; Ftr 5; non-blooded; LE).
The Storm Valley: This little valley laying in the center of the province is rumored to be of the place where Cuiraécen appeared to a knight of Haelyn named Daenar Goerwin in the beginning of the sixth century after Deismaar. It is said Daenar became the first true cleric of the Stormlord and built the first temple dedicated to the god only a few miles away. Other rumors about this valley say that one of the most important artifacts of Cuiraécen is hidden within it, but only a champion of the Stormlord will ever find it and leave this valley alive. Storms often rage this valley, and some claim that a true worshipper of Cuiraécen may feel his presence there if a storm cracks above him.

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