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Ghiere is one of the richest provinces of Ghoere because of the flowing trade the river Maesil brings. The capital of Ghiere is the city of Ghieste, a trading center since the earliest days of the Anuirean Empire and also capital of the old duchy of Ghieste. The baron is highly interested in this flowing market to give his realm additional gold. Though one might suspect Ghoere of taxing anything that comes down the river, this is not the case. Ghieste is also a two-sided coin and attracts merchants as well as rogues and bandits. Bards tell tales from the outside world frequently and cause some locals to leave Ghoere, but most return. Bruider Arlannis (MA, Nbl2, Scion of Anduiras; minor, 12; NE) is the current Count of Ghiere.

There are dozens of small hamlets and villages scattered throughout the province, but aside from the capital, the only community worthy of mention is the crossroads town of Stunder in central Ghieste.

The Brotherhood of the Spur: The feared Brotherhood of the Spur is based in the city of Ghieste. They are also renowned as the 'Redspurs'. This violent knightly order is affiliated with the Militant Order of Cuiraécen, but is in fact only tolerated by the church. The brotherhood is said to serve Stiele Ghieste, high priest of Ghoere, as a private army to whom they show absolute loyalty. Vehemently opposed by the Lances of the Dawn in Elinie, these knights mercilessly ride their mounts across Anuire to do the Stiele Ghieste's bidding. They are famous for riding their mounts to death, and their spurs are often bloodied from kicking their mounts to ever-greater speed.

The Riverport Marsh (Shadowmere Swamp): The Shadowmere swamp has lain since mankind can remember in the north of this province and parts even reach into Mhoried and Alamie. Mists and fog are common there and many a wanderer has been lost forever. Vermin like mosquitoes and leeches plague the entire province with their bites. Several monsters roam the swamp and will-o-wisps lead frequently travellers into mud holes.

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