Ghieste city

The trade town of Ghieste is the capital of the like-named province in Ghoere, and it is here that Haelyn's Aegis and the Militant Order of Cuiraécen both holds a large court. An ancient community dating back to the earliest days of Empire, the town shows well its age. Buildings lean at precarious angles throughout the wooden town, the entire dock network sags deeply, and the thick planking constantly creaks and moans as the waters force the foundation pillars to shift. The northern quarters of the town are built along mighty wooden piers and docks, while only the southern quarters stand on firm enough ground to support stone foundations. The entire town appears as a great sore to the eye, and seems on the verge of crumbling into the Maesil any moment. Despite its decrepit appearance, the town is one of the cornerstones of the barony’s economy, and few other communities within Anuire can boast such a high proportion of wealthy citizens.

Lord Mayor Halivier Maellen (MA, Thf10, unblooded) rules the trade centre of Ghieste in the Baron’s name. A devious man with an infamously cunning smile, the Lord Mayor manages the city as his personal enterprise, and has his fingers in almost ever facet of the city.

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