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Albiele Island » Albiele town » Important Figures in Albiele Town » Tuarim
Male Khinasi Wizard 5

Minor Bloodline of Vorynn, 15

LN Medium Humanoid

Hit Points: 20

Abilities: Str 10 (Sta 11/Mus 9), Dex 11 (Aim 11/Bal 11), Con 14 (Hea 13/Fit 15), Int 17 (Rea 17/Kno 17), Wis 13 (Int 14/Wil 12), Cha 15 (Lea 16/App 15)

Blood Abilities: Alter Appearance (Minor)

Equipment: ring of spell storing, dagger

Spellbook: 1st Detect Magic, Read Magic, Know Bloodline Derivation (BoM), Know Cerilian Origin (BoM) *, Magic Missile *, Armour *, Unseen Servant 2nd ESP *, Knock *, Web, Summon Swarm, Goraen?s Acid Arrow (aka Melf?s Acid Arrow) * 3rd Zikalan Fireform (BoM), Monster Summoning I *, Hold Person *
* indicates an often memorised spell

Description/History: Almost as charming and smooth-talking as Rashad el-Hamil, Tuarim?s Khinasi lineage is not as immediately obvious as Rashad?s. With light brown skin that could almost pass for a simple tan and light eyes (which are rare among the Khinasi), most people mistake Tuarim for someone of southern Anuirean descent (who have intermarried with the Khinasi more than any portion of Anuire).
Although Tuarim does not actively hide or deny his Khinasi heritage, he doesn?t volunteer the information either. His choice of dress certainly aids people in mistaking him for something other than Khinasi, as he prefers to wear tight, well cut tunic and hose, rather than the usual loose fighting Khinasi breeches and tight shirt. His color tastes are flamboyant to say the least, with bright reds and greens featuring heavily in his wardrobe. Tuarim?s one concession to Khinasi traditional dress is the broad yellow sash he always wears. This sash has a number of concealed pockets in which Tuarim keeps his spell components. A simple gold band (his ring of spell storing) worn on his right hand is another item he is never seen without. The ring has the following spells stored in it: Mimic Blood Ability (4th, BoM), Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4th) and Minor Spell Turning (4th, ToM). He keeps his head uncovered, showing brown hair cut neatly short.
Apart from his spells, Tuarim?s most useful ability (and weapon) is his Alter Appearance blood power. Tuarim has employed this ability to great effect during his stay in Albiele Town, using it to ferret out information he would not normally be privy to as well as hiding his own movements from unfriendly eyes (something Albiele Town has plenty of).
Tuarim hails from the Khinasi realm of Aftane. By the time he was 14 years old, his aptitude for the study of true magic had gained him an apprenticeship under Rahíl the Falcon, Court Mage of Ariya. Tuarim spent four years learning the wizard?s art before making his pilgrimage to the Temple of Rilni and taking the Five Oaths, an event which marked the end of his apprenticeship. After taking the Oaths, Tuarim returned to Aftane and a position in the Sultan?s court, becoming a member of the ajazada in the process.
Unfortunately, after only two years after Tuarim?s return to Aftane, the Red Kings deposed the Sultan and claimed the Lion Throne for their own. Rightly fearing for his life, Tuarim fled Aftane for Ariya where he stayed with Rahíl for a year (during which time he received his ring of spell storing from his former teacher) before traveling to the free city of Ilien, in Anuire. Shortly after entering the city, he was approached by el-Hadid, regent of the Port of Call Exchange guild (who rarely, if ever, misses anything of import occurring in the heart of his trade empire). The guildlord was in the market for some magical muscle to help him in his business interests. Somewhat lost at the time, Tuarim agreed to work for el-Hadid and over the last nine or so years, the wizard has become less of a employee and more of a valuable ally for el-Hadid. Now, Tuarim has a vested interest in seeing el-Hadid?s holdings prosper and has successfully tackled a number of difficult situations for the thankful guildlord.
His latest task was to infiltrate the pirate clans of the southern seas in an effort to cease their predations against Port of Call Exchange ships. Attacks from the clans had hurt el-Hadid?s profits for several seasons and the losses were becoming greater. Tuarim?s mission was to become familiar with the inner workings of the clans in order to try to cut a deal with the pirates that would, in exchange for appropriate remuneration, eliminate attacks on el-Hadid?s vessels.
As chance would have it, Tuarim was able to gain entry into the Sea Wraiths clan in return for his invaluable help in two battles the Sea Wraiths had with non-clan pirate ships. Tuarim was just getting settled into his new role as a clan captain, when the other three captains of the clan told him of the rich mineral wealth hidden within the Old Hills of Albiele Island and their desire to exploit it. When Tuarim reported the Sea Wraiths plan to el-Hadid, the guildlord was quick to tell him to help the clan get the mining operation under way and successful. El-Hadid reasons that Tuarim?s position as a captain of the clan will be of great use when he moves to make the Old Hills mining efforts part of his holdings. The large quantities of money that stand to be gained from the Old Hills have allowed el-Hadid?s greed to temporarily shelve his original plan of stopping piracy against his ships.

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