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Alignment: Neutral

Provinces: Skyewode is controlled by Arwen Laokorn. His domain is constantly threatened by the goblins of Markazor, but Laokorn's magics have been sufficient to date to protect this small realm.

Domain Table: Skyewode
Skyewode (3/8)AL (3)RGE (1)AL (3)AL (7)
Loyalty: High
Abbreviations: AL = Skyewode (Arwen Laokorn), RGE = Redwood Grove of Erik (Gwenheivar Hjalstone)
Laokorn controls the law in Skyewode; he does not allow the Gheallie Sidhe or goblins to hold any sway. While Laokorn does not suffer any direct opposition, the Gorgon remains a constant threat to the small forest realm.
Elves do not commonly worship gods. However half-elves and humans (mostly Anuireans and a handful of Rjurik) who live in Skyewode occasionally visit the Redwood Grove of Erik. This small sect of Erik is allowed inside this realm by Laokorn, who does not believe in the god, but does recognize the power of his priests.
Laokorn dominates the trade in Skyewode. Whether it be trade of elven manufactured goods, rare woods and plants from the forest, or metals unearthed from the Stonecrown Mountains by his goblin slaves. Laokorn also trades with Tuarhievel, and has a trade route to Cwmbheir.
Laokorn controls most of the source holdings in Skyewode. None oppose his control of the mebhaighl, but in the tradition of the elves, he allows elven mages access to his source holdings when asked.
Regency Generated/Accumulated: 19/35
Treasury: 15 GB
Army: Skyewode maintains a small army, relying on the Laokorn's magic to protect this realm so close to the Gorgon. The army consists of 1 unit each of elven archers, cavalry and scouts.
The undisputed ruler of Skyewode is Arwen Laokorn, the King of Skyewode (ME; Rog 7/Wiz 8; Masela, Major, 43; N). Laokorn won this province from Markazor some decades ago, and has somehow managed to keep his lands safe from the Gorgon and the goblins. The king does believe in elven superiority, but is also a supporter of human/elf relations. Skyewode was the only elven realm to demonstrate any support of Fhileraene's marriage. The king believes that by working together everyone's lives will be more prosperous, and lesser races, such as goblins, should be returned to their ancestral heritage as slaves. Arwen disapproves of the current (i.e. the human-hunting incarnation of the last fifteen centuries) incarnation of the Gheallie Sidhe, as it is disruptive to the harmony of the Aelvinnwode.

Arwen Laokorn has two lieutenants which help him maintain his small realm. One is Faoiltiarna Laokorn (FE; Wiz 7; Reynir, Minor, 25; CN), she is not only the wife of Arwen, but also a powerful wizardess in her own right. Together they can deal with most threats to the realm. The other, Logan MacIver (M1/2E; Brd 8; unblooded; LN), was raised in the highlands of Mhoried, but found his elven blood ever calling him to the woodlands. He has proven himself loyal and able to deal with many problems.
Important NPCs
Being a small kingdom, Skyewode does not have extensive noble families like Tuarhievel. In fact Skyewode is very young for an elven kingdom, having been in existence for less then 20 years. Being a small kingdom, Skyewode must be vigilant against any threats; one man is primarily responsible for the non-magical defense of the realm. He is the son of a Khinasi warrior who helped Laokorn liberate this land from the control of the goblins. Having inherited his father's position as general of the armies of Skyewode, Eamon abTreague (MKh; Ftr 7; unblooded; LN) works tirelessly against any who would cause harm to another inside Skyewode. The next most important person in Skyewode, Gwenheivar Hjalstone (FRj; Pri 6, Erik; Brenna, Minor, 17; CN) has convinced the king to allow her temple inside of an elven kingdom. While the tenants of Erik do not offend the elves, and some half elves even have turned to the worship of him, the elves themselves respect the magics that the priests can call upon and not the Power itself.
This kingdom lies at the border of four other realms; Mhoried, Cariele, Tuarhievel, and Markazor. Skyewode is a land of dark forests and jagged peaks. While the forest of Tuarhievel seems to hold a haunted beauty, Skyewode's forest seems merely haunted. When the goblins ruled these lands they cared little for the results of their actions, and caused much damage to the forest. While much of this ruin has been repaired, there remain many reminders of the goblin's stewardship. Groves of stunted trees and corrupted woodland creatures can still be found. While rare, it is still possible to find all manner of skeletal remains in left in the wilderness, some of which are more lively then one would hope. In some remote areas, the Shadow World presses uncomfortably close, allowing all too much traffic in both directions. Roads lead into Tuarhievel and to Mhoried, but travel to and from Skyewode can be difficult at best during winter.
The capital of Skyewode, Gannemyr, is in the north of the province. Roads from Torien's Watch in Mhoried and from Bhindraith in Tuarhievel both come to the main center of Skyewode's population. Elves, humans and half-elves all interact on a reasonably friendly level here; trouble-makers are shown to the eastern borders of Skyewode and told to never return.
Trade Goods
Items of elven manufacture are always sought after in human lands. Skyewode creates finished goods well known for their beauty and durability.
Skyewode's allies include Tuarhievel and Mhoried. Laokorn understands that humans are not as skilled at using the resources of the land as elves are, but he abhors the way that Cariele treats their lands. The willingness of Laokorn to deal with humans prevents the Sielwode from being friendlier.
Markazor, being the most aggressive nation on the border of Skyewode, is clearly the biggest threat to the kingdom. Cariele and Mheallie Bireon have worked hard to prevent the Laokorn from expanding his trade network into the rest of Anuire.
Special Conditions
Even more than any other area of the Aelvinnwode, Skyewode has been the site of much bloodshed and other foul deeds. On cold nights it can be very easy to wander into the Shadow World unknowingly. Travelers, who have returned from such, have reported that Laokorn is recognized as regent on both sides of the veil between the worlds.
This article was originally based on emails from, author Bryan Ruther.

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