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Covered by heavy forest that thins as the domain reaches the foothills of the Stonecrown Mountains, Bhindraith is the current seat of the powerful elven house Tuarlachiem. It wrested control of this province from House Caeloran when House Llyrandor took over the rulership of Tuarhievel. There is much bad blood between the elves of this province. That Fhileraene granted his half-sister control of one-third of the law holdings in the province hasn't helped the situation any. House Tuarlachiem is more inflamed than ever. It still controls its lands, but is responsible to Dhoesonean garrison commanders who take a dim view of gheallie Sidhe attacks on the merchants that trade in the area.
The province is home to many fine craftsmen. Fhileraene was attempting to start an equivalent of the guilds at the time of his departure, as part of his continuing effort to pacify the countryside. As things stand, trade is dominated by Adaere Doneim, a human merchant from Dhoesone.
Aside from the gheallie Sidhe, dangers in the province include a tribe of kobolds that were driven from the mountains by the goblins of Markazor, wyverns, goblin raiders, and the wandering spirits of murdered elves and humans.


The most important settlement in Bhindraith is the stronghold of House Tuarlachiem, a massive structure of stone and living trees that somehow have been fused. Certain legends hold that when this stronghold falls, there will no longer be any hope for elves of Cerilia. Considering that this structure has been located right on the border of Markazor, Cariele, and Tuarhievel and has withstood three millennia of assaults, this statement may be more than just a hyperbole. Around 2500 elves dwell in and around the fortress.
The second largest settlement is the series of forts in the southern foothills and the small communities of civilians that cluster around them. Over 1500 elves live here. Any number of smaller settlements and a dozen human trading posts (each defended by 3-12 3rd level fighters are scattered across the domain.

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