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The site of the Tuarhievel's seat of power, Cwmbheir the most populous province in Tuarhievel.
Home to over 31,000 elf, 1,000 half-elf, 200 humans, and a handful of halflings, it is the destination of most humans who venture into the domain. The northern part of the province is mostly flat; here, the forest briefly gives way to elven vineyards and small human farm fields. In the south, the land rises into the foothills of the Stonecrown Mountains.
Few threats lie in this province aside from the backstabbing politicos of the elven court. Even humans are relatively safe here, as many who dwell in Cwmbheir are foreign dignitaries whose harassment would create incidents of a kind that the backers of the gheallie Sidhe are not prepared to confront.


The single road in Tuarhievel terminates here, in Tuaranreigh, a large, sprawling town consisting of typical elven dwellings. Houses are nestled high in the ancient trees, with catwalks connecting them. Below, wooden houses constructed by human merchants and diplomatic missions are maintained. To many humans, Tuaranreigh appears more like a collection of villages than an actual city, but the elves see it as a carefully planned pattern of dwellings and paths radiating from the Thorn Throne at the heart of the city.
Many elven nobles maintain small estates in Tuaranreigh, so they may be close to the regent during extended sessions of the Llywodraeth Cynulliad. The finest craftsmen and artists in Tuarhievel may also be found here, as may a sizable number of the realm's battlemages. Most wizards, however, live in the more desolate foothills of the Stonecrown Mountains, where they have near-total solitude except for the occasional goblin raiding party. The wizards are essentially the borderwatch in this area, and they destroy goblin raiders without mercy.
Two of the greater houses share dominion over this province: House Llyrandor (the family currently ruling Tuarhievel) and House Tuarlachiem (the family of Tuarhievel's first ruler, Queen Tuar).
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