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Arms of HollingholmenArms of Hollingholmen

Hollingholmen (Large Town): Conventional; AL NG, LG; 5000 gp limit; Assets 740,000 gp; Population 2960 (human 96%, dwarf 2%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures:
Important Characters:
  • Royal Trading and Shipping, one the King's guild holdings
  • Stjordvik chamberlain's court, the other of the King's guild holdings
  • Garrison of Hollingholmen

Hollingholmen, the capital city of Stjordvik, rests where the Northbyrn River enters the mighty Tael Firth where there is a sheltered harbor. It is one of the oldest true city in all the Rjurik realms, and one must travel as far as Tariene in Boeruine to find one older. Hollingholmen is as sophisticated as any city, indeed a cosmopolitan center surrounded by rustic Stjordvik. Many guilds make a fortune bringing goods to Hollingholmen for other, local guilders, to distribute throughout the highlands. Both the Three Trees Traders and Stjordvik Traders have headquarters here, though Jan Hrustraad of the Three Trees can be found here much more often than Storm Holtson, who is always on the move.
The ancient palace, Ravensroost sits on top of a great hill that overlooks the city.

[top]The Districts of the City

City of HollingholmenCity of Hollingholmen

Hollingholmen can be divided into three districts. On the far west side of the city is King's Quarter, along the river is the Merchant's Quarter, and on the east bank of the river is the East Bank.

[top]The King's Quarter

The King's Quarter contains 14 blocks divided into Ravensroost, the Royal Docks, the Temple Ward, and the Civic Ward.
Ravensroost, (3 blocks) the ancient palace, sits on top of a great hill that overlooks the city. It contains two blocks of royal residence and one block of military area.
The Royal Docks (4 blocks) contain the king's docks in two blocks, a warehouse for goods brought in by foreign guilds on one block, and a final block with the market to sell the imports as well as the fish catch by the town's fleet. About 20% of the markets here are fine goods and services, the other 80% are average.
The Temple Ward (3 blocks) separates the king's docks and his civic buildings, but enjoys the prestige and influence, and well as the dignity of the King's Quarter. One block is dedicated to the Oaken Grove, including temples to Avani and Lara, another single block is dedicated to the Emerald Spiral, including a temple to Lirorn. A final block in this district includes a grand temple of Holn as well as temples to Narikja and Kirken. Only the Oaken Grove has any real power here.
The Civic Ward (4 Blocks) contains three blocks each dominated by a great building, one around the Chancery, another around the courthouse, and another around the Sheriff of Ustkjuvil's jail. As a central yard between these places there is a parkland which constitutes a single block.

[top]The Merchant's Quarter

The Merchant's Quarter contains 10 blocks divided into Downtown and Uptown.
"Downtown" (5 blocks) is downriver of Uptown and is more mercantile. It contains one block of docks along the Northbyrn River and another block of warehouses behind them. Two blocks of markets contains mostly average goods and services, with 10% fine and 10% poor goods and services. A few of the richer merchants live here as well, producing roughly one block of fine houses mixed throughout the downtown district.
"Uptown" (5 blocks) is close to the north gate and is largely involved in processing local produce and supplying the local farmers with tools that cannot be produced in the villages. The king has sponsored some fine craftsmen here and regularly arranges for purchases to help subsidize their labors. The fine tools the king buys are given away at festivals as prizes for the best produce at harvest time. Here two blocks are taken up by industries, including craftsmen, a slaughterhouse, tannery, and saltery. Across the main road that passes through the north gate two blocks contain travel services and one block entertainments.

[top]The East Bank

The East Bank contains 33 blocks divided into the Bankside, the Dhoesone Gate, the Red Ward, and the White Ward.
Bankside (4 blocks) runs along the river. There are two blocks of markets here and two blocks of industries concerned with shipbuilding, repair, and tools for ships. 70% of these shops are average, 20% are fine, and 10% are poor.
At the Dhoesone Gate (3 blocks), there is a block of travelers services, including inns and money changers, as well as a block of entertainments. Another block contains a military barracks and guard post at the gate, as well as some training facilities. This area is very well policed as soldiers are generally about their business here.
The Red Ward (14 blocks) contains the better residences. Two blocks, just upriver of the Bankside, contain the fine houses of the wealthy merchants, ship owners, and other successful men of town. Another five blocks, slightly more east contain the middle class residences of town. Seven more blocks contain respectable working class folk, living in poor accommodations, but clean and nicer than those of the White Ward. The Red Ward is north of Narwhal Street.
The White Ward (12 blocks) contains the poorer folk. Eight blocks contain the poor houses of workers, some poorer than others. Three blocks of slums are intermixed here, though mostly on the southern most parts of the White Ward. The White Ward is south of Narwhal Street. The king pays attention to this part of town and visits here from time to time. He insures that it is well policed and that crime gains no foothold in Hollingholmen. He has established a foundling hospital here and a workhouse where he pays workingmans wages for hard, but honest labor. Crime here is mostly petty and unorganized.

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