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Some fourty years ago, Richard Bjondrig succeded to the county of Bjondrig. Richard was offered a pension to surrender his authority to Holt Vigirsson, the guilder of the Stjordvik Traders. His wife, Saehild Dagmaersdotter, was infuriated by Richard's abandonment of his patrimony, leaving little for their son, Thjobald Bjondrig, but the title. Richard didn't understand how his authority would deminish without control of the law holdings. Guildmaster Holt allowed Richard to levy taxes, but made demands about their use, such as development of harbor facilities for the fishing fleet, infratructure in some fo the coastal towns, and other improvments that the guilds enjoyed as much as the people. Richard recieved more money for this bargain than he could have imagined and ended his life having spent only a portion of it. The rest remains burried in secret placed that only he knew, and their location died with him.
In addition to their son, Theobald, Richard and Saehild had a daughter, Anna Bjondrig as well. Anna is married to Njall Olvisson, the Eorl of Hjorvaal. They now have a son, Rikhard, who is now two years old.
Saehild's brother, Leif Dagmaersson, died fighting Rjuvik raiders, and Saehild always lamented that no fitting death ever took the weak Richard in the same way. In her son Thjobald, she instilled a firm desire to recover the law and authority of his realm.

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