Heartlands Ľ Mhoried Ľ Shaene Mhoried
Arms of Shaene MhoriedArms of Shaene Mhoried

Male Anuirean Noble 2/ Rogue 3; CR:5

Lord of Mhoried

Lineage of Greater Nobility

Major Bloodline of Anduiras, 33

N Medium Humanoid


Init +0

Languages language

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 14

Feats: Lineage Greater Nobility, Weapon Finesse, Leadership, Rank, Title, Education, Sneak Attack +2d6, Trapfinding, Noble Action (Manipulator), Sly Fortune, Evasion, Trap Sense +1


Special Qualities: Character Reading, Resistance (Minor), Unreadable Thoughts

Description: , lbs


Lineage Greater Nobility: Nobles are trained from a young age in the arts of leadership and manipulation. However, they rarely perform any real work. Such lofty nobles receive a +2 Charisma but suffer a -2 Strength. This is included above.

Weapon Finesse: Substitute Dex for Str with light weapons

Leadership: At 6th level, Shaene would start attracting followers and a cohort.

Rank: Shaene has the right to bear arms, the right to a unique set of arms, the right to dispense justice, to attend Daeric Mhoried's court in Bevaldruor, and the right to a trial by his peers.

Title: Shaene is universally acknowledged as a Lord of Mhoried

Education: Shaene recieves a +2 bonus to Knowledge (Nobility) and Perform (Ettiquette) checks

Sneak Attack +2d6: Sheane does extra damage when an opponant is denied their Dex bonus.

Trapfinding: Shaene may use the Search skill to look for traps.

Noble Action (Manipulator): Whenever Shaene manipulates others she recieves a gain of regency. The gain is comensorate with the risk involved in manipulating his mark.

Sly Fortune: May reroll Hide, Move Silently, or Tumble checks

Evasion: Make a Reflex save to avoid damage

Trap Sense +1: +1 bonus to Reflex saves or AC to avoid traps.

framed|Shaene Mhoried

Typical Dialogue:


Shaene is the charming, talkative brother of the Mhor, Daeric Mhoried, who is a bit too clever for his own good. An inscrutable rogue, no one mistakes Shaene as a paragon of chivalry. After a few embarrassing incidents that angered his father, Shaene took to the highways of Anuire to find adventure and seek his destiny.
Shaene adventured in his youth with GwenaŽl Dhariel and James Ardannt. GwenaŽl the Bold recruited Shaene in the middle of a quest to win the hand of the lovely Ivinie Cariele. GwenaŽl had won a joust, offered service, and done other great deeds, but Daenel Cariele, a former Baron of Cariele was not willing to marry his sister to the heir of a count in remote Dhoesone. When a hill giant began to tear up villages near the border to Markazor, GwenaŽl raised a body of volunteers, and Shaene joined the party as did a young priest of Haelyn named James Ardannt. Over many encounters with the giant the deaths of party members mounted, but eventually, Shaene, James and the knight GwenaŽl returned with the head of the giant. Daenel Cariele was compelled to offer GwenaŽl what ever reward he could name, and when he asked for the hand of Ivinie, Daenel reluctantly agreed.
Events took a curious turn for Shaene, because news arrived at Castle Cariele that the Mohr was seeking the hand of Ivinie for his son and heir, Daeric Mhoried. Daenel soon recanted his acceptance of the marriage of Ivinie and GwenaŽl. GwenaŽl knew that to put Shaene's loyalties to a test was ignoble and spared him association with his next plan. He alone stole into Cariele Castle, overlooking the city of Caerlinien, and met with Ivinie and the two fled the castle and Cariele for the lands of Dhoesone. The young priest, James Ardannt, married the couple and earned the ire of Daenel and the displeasure of the Mhor. It was the good fortune of Shaene that the Mhor turned to Alamie and secured a match for Daeric to Aesele Alam. Daeric was so in love with Aesele that Shaene's involvement in preventing the match between Daeric and Ivinie was quickly forgotten.
Shaene and his companions had many adventures, including meeting the young Fhiele Dhoesone in Tuarhievel while the elves yet prepared her for her later duties. They danced in the halls of Ravenroost at many of the parties thrown by Ljorrah, Queen of Stjordvik. And on many occasions they fought in Dharilein, Stjordvik, or the Giantdowns against the aggressive raids of the Blood Skull Barony. Eventually GwenaŽl and James stopped adventuring as they took over greater responsibilities in their own right. Shaene had the choice between becoming a courtier in the courts of his old friends, or establishing his own domain.
Shaene decided that the Eastern Marches held great opportunities for a merchant company as a crossroads between Anuire, BrechtŁr, and Khinasi. He selected Coeranys as the ideal location of a merchant guild. He used his links back in Mhoried to secure markets which he attempted to serve in Coeranys. It was during this time that another guild expansion was taking place back in Cariele. Mheallie Bireon was establishing her guilds in the Heartlands and Northern Marches, and to advance her power conspired to depose Berric Cariele. Shaene hoped to become an eastern contact for the Source of the Maesil and was in Cariele when Adrian Gladanil made his bid to seize the Barony. Haelyn's Aegis invested Adrian as Baron, and Berric fled to Dhoesone where he and the expelled druids raised an army to return and retake Cariele. Once they failed, Berric Cariele was no of no use to Mheallie anymore, and he remained a potential threat. So, she had him assassinated. Later, her spies reported that Berric's successor had been designated and invested, and that even Berric's Regency was transferred to the heir. Mheallie realized that the whole Cariele family would have to be broken to remove the threat in the long term. It turns out that Adrian was similarly minded on this point. It was at this point that one of the few remaining survivors of the house of Cariele begged Shaene to help her escape. Using his guild connections, he smuggled Eluvie Cariele to Coeranys.
Mheallie Bireon found out what happened and decided to punish Shaene for his betrayal. She convinced Moerele Lannaman that he should expand his Maesil Shippers into the Eastern Marches, and that she could help him. Pretending not to know about Shaene's helping Eluvie, Mheallie continued to do business with his guild, with the intention of helping Moerele infiltrate and eventually take over the guild, pushing Shaene out of the merchant company he had founded.
Shaene is back in Mhoried serving his brother in whatever capacity Daeric sees fit. Shaene hopes to find a place in politics supporting the Mhor.
Shaene is married to Nicolette Ranien. Shaene's daughters include Lileas Mhoried and Savane Mhoried.

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