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The house of Dhariel is one of the great houses of the Northern Marches. Their scions are famed for questing and for heroic deeds. Thier lineage can be traced to within 200 years of Deismaar, though it is unclear which of several champions of Masela is the founder of this line. GwenaŽl, whose name means fair of skin and generous of heart, is the father of Vertico Dhariel, Corentin Dhariel, and Aithne Dhariel. His older son Vertico has succeeded him as count of Dharilein. His daughter, Aithne is married to Daeric Dhoesone, and is the countess of Soniele. His younger son Corentin is a knight of Cuiraťcen and serves in the Militant Order of Cuiraťcen as a lieutenant of Fhylie the Sword. A younger son, Amaury Dhariel, died in heroic battle during an incident at Roger's Hold in the Silverhead Mountains. Amaury is buried with honor among the dwarves there.
During his travels as a young man, GwenaŽl made way to Cariele. There he met and fell in love with Ivinie Cariele, sister of Daenel Cariele, a former Baron of Cariele. Owing to his low rank, as the son of a mere count in an obscure border county in Dhoesone, GwenaŽl was not permitted to see Ivinie by the Baron. However during the great joust always held on the 12th of Haelynir, GwenaŽl won the joust, and claimed Ivinie as his prize. Daenel refused and offered him only a fine horse instead. Undaunted, GwenaŽl continued to seek his love. By now she was sending secret messages to him through lady-in-waiting. Carrying her scarf during his adventures in and around Cariele, GwenaŽl was gaining fame for his victories in Thurazor. When a hill giant began to tear up villages near the border to Markazor, GwenaŽl raised a body of volunteers, including a young priest of Haelyn named James Ardannt and an inscrutable rogue named Shaene Mhoried. Into the mountains they went in search of the giant. Many died in heroic combat against the giant, but several, including the priest James and the knight GwenaŽl returned with the head of the giant. Daenel Cariele was compelled to offer GwenaŽl what ever reward he could name, and when he asked for the hand of Ivinie, Daenel reluctantly agreed.
However, Daenel soon recanted when a herald brought word that the Mohr was seeking the hand of Ivinie for his son and heir. GwenaŽl alone stole into Cariele Castle, overlooking the city of Caerlinien, and met with Ivinie. In a plea which is sung by minstrels throughout the lands bordering the Tael Firth and into Mhoried too, GwenaŽl professed his love and devotion to Ivinie, and the two fled the castle and Cariele for the lands of Dhoesone. The young priest, James Ardannt, married the couple and earned the ire of Daenel. The young couple and their friends had many adventures, including meeting the young Fhiele Dhoesone in Tuarhievel while the elves yet prepared her for her later duties. They danced in the halls of Ravenroost at many of the parties thrown by Ljorrah, Queen of Stjordvik. And on many occasions they fought in Dharilein, Stjordvik, or the Giantdowns against the aggressive raids of the Blood Skull Barony.
When his father, ŃedŠn Dhariel, Count of Dharilein and Chancellor of Dhoesone died, GwenaŽl was at his side and gave his father such a eulogy that it is now the last portion of the Chanson recited about him. GwenaŽl succeeded his father and undertook the duties of count very seriously. So his live progressed very happily with his dear wife Ivinie by his side.
His happiness was ended in the city of Sonnelind during the Cerilian Summer Solstice after the birth of his daughter, Aithne. GwenaŽl had to attend Summer Court in Sonnelind on matters very grave and was forced to take his very pregnant wife with him. She gave a difficult birth two days later to Aithne. Fever overtook Ivinie, and the best healers in court were summoned. Brunhilde Dhoesone, the Court Diviner knew that death was fated for Ivinie, but withheld this information from GwenaŽl, telling only that she could read the future of Aithne, and that it was long and bright. Ivinie's death was heartbreaking to him, and his lamentation at her death is the third, and final, speech recorded by the poets.
GwenaŽl was lonely and depressed, but took comfort in the warm embrace of a scullery maid at Dhariel Manor. This younger woman, Alexandrine, was loyal and devoted to him and warmed his heart, winning not only his passion, but his devoted love as well. Soon after, GwenaŽl had sired two sons and one daughter by Alexandrine.
The final blow to GwenaŽl the bold was the report of the death of his son Amaury Dhariel. Amaury was a noble Knight Errant in service of Dhoesone, and his duties took him to the Silverhead Mountains at Roger's Hold to make embassy to the dwarves there. Orog enemies of the dwarves attacked the meeting of men and dwarves, and after fighting heroically to defend the dwarven king, Amaury fell in battle. The dwarves noted that Amaury had several opportunities to fall back and seek his own preservation, but refused to abandon their king. For his heroism and devotion, the dwarves both honored Amaury as one of their own, but also agreed to a full treaty of friendship with Dhoesone based on the conduct of this hero. At word of this by Rhuimach Taeline, GwenaŽl was both overjoyed by the heroism of his son, and heartbroken at his death. Fever followed, and within a week, GwenaŽl was dead, succeeded by his son, Vertico.

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