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Berric Cariele was the son of Daenel Cariele, Baron of Cariele, and Elanor Dhoesone. Berric succeeded after an illness left his father weak and unable to govern. Daenel invested his son with the Barony and retired to live out his final months in pleace.
Berric was not baron for too long when he began to quarrel with the High Superior of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth. This division was exploited by the rising guilder Mheallie Bireon. Mheallie convinced Adrian Gladanil to depose Berric and make his own bid for the barony, in order to repair the breech between the barony and the temples of Haelyn. Adrian, count of Mountainsedge, approached the Bastion of Truth looking for support for a divestiture of Berric Cariele. Mheallie had arranged for information to fall into the hands of the law priests that Baron Berric planned to declare himself archprelate of his own temple devoted to Haelyn, and take the Bastion's temples in Cariele for himself. Frightened by this information, the Bastion agreed to invest Adrian Gladanil.
Mheallie's spies were able to identify a time when Berric Cariele would be traveling, and the destination he planned to take. She passed this information to Adrian, who laid in wait on the route with trusted knights and took Berric hostage. Despite Berric's resistance, the law priests of the Bastion of Truth divested Berric of his lands and invested them on Adrian Gladanil. Adrian and the Bastion decided to exile Berric Cariele, and he fled with his family to Dhoesone. In Tradebhein, Berric took refuge with the circles of the Oaken Grove.
The druids of the Oaken Grove had been pushed by the Guilder Mhaellie as well, and were plotting a comeback using a return of Berric as their vehicle. The Oaken Grove supplied Berric with gold and both proceeded to re-establish their followings in Cariele. Adrian Gladanil was caught in the middle. Mhaellie was determined to hold at least a portion of the law of the realm, and Berric hoped to recapture the whole barony. Adrian was assisted by the Bastion of Truth, who proved to to be very skilled at defending law holdings. All the while, the Oaken Grove and the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie moved against one another. So began the Woodlands War of Cariele.
Berric Cariele was obviously going to remain a persistant danger and a potential threat. So, Mhaellie had him assassinated. Later, her spies reported that Berric's successor, his brother, Cedric William Cariele, had been designated and invested, and that even Berric's Regency was transfered to Cedric. Mheallie realized that the whole Cariele family would have to be broken to remove the threat in the long term.

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